Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Its Official!!

October 23, 2015
Hello Everyone!

Congrats, you made it into my weekly emails! If you know anyone that is DYING to receive these, let me know and I will add them.. But, if you know someone that would like to see my weekly emails that doesn't care about receiving them, tell them to check the blog my mother is running while I am out here on the mish, because my weekly emails will be posted there as well.  sistermissyhutchison.blogspot.com 

After months of waiting, I managed to finally make it to the MTC! I have only been here a few days, but I love being here so much already. It is fantastic. Everyone here is so nice and willing to help. I am pretty sure I have never had to open my own door (except to my building) because the elders are all such gentlemen! It's awesome!! 

I LOVE my companion. Her name is Sister Irwin, and she will be serving in my same mission with me. We have similar personalities and she is already turning into a dear friend of mine. We have some fun together :) We constantly receiving the same prompting as we study together, and it is truly amazing. I added some pics of me and her together. Being here keeps me so in tuned with the spirit. We also share a room with 4 other sisters. Two of them (Sister Orton and Sister Chappell) will be in my mission. The other two (Sister Costly and Sister Moulten) are going to a visitor center somewhere else. 

I have only been here a few days but the spirit has already touched me in so many ways. The first day I got here was a little overwhelming.. But its getting better! Something that really hit me was on the first day all of the new missionaries had a devotional. We starting singing "We'll bring the world his truth" and as we sang, the words changed from "We will be the Lords Missionaries" to "We are now the Lords missionaries". I don't know why, but in that moment I felt so inspired and I almost felt unstoppable. Because its so true! I am now the Lord's missionary!! 

My district is awesome! Im already so close to the sisters and elders. But... Our classroom is on the 5th floor!! Mom, I'd get you so many steps on your fitbit.. Its a workout!  

We are able to work out every other day, and something they have yoga and kick boxing for sisters early in the morning!! I AM SORE. But I'm not about to come home chubby..... 

I see people I know and its hard to call them "Sister" or "Elder"! So that will take some getting used to. Its hard getting out of the habit of saying "HEY GUYS". Any slang is frowned upon haha. 

I am so happy here and I know it is where I need to be. The spirit here is so strong, and every day it is revealed to me even more that this church is true. 

I have a challenge! Take time tonight to pray about this church. Pray about its truth and just pray to be inspired by the spirit. I can promise that if you do this, you will feel God's love. I know I have.

I love you all so very much! Sorry if you got a super short email, I dont get a lot of time. Thank you for all of the love and support I have received though!! It will be better once im out in the field! Don't worry about me because I am having the time of my life. THE MTC RULES. You will be in my prayers!! :)

Sister Hutchison
ps. im repping the Dealthy Hallows Shirt today

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