Monday, February 27, 2017

Tranfer Week! Woot Woot!

February 27, 2017

Hey fam and friends!!

It has been a crazy/great week :) Like my subject line said, it was transfer week! Transfer week is always the craziest, so sorry if I don't remember a lot of things that we did.

First of all, I got transferred!! I am now in a little branch called the Walnut Creek Branch with Sister Willmore :) Oh my goodness, I LOVE SISTER WILLMORE. We have so much fun together, and she is an amazing missionary. We definitely bond over Coca-Cola and Taco Bell. She is from Sandy, Utah! She has been out about 6 months :)  I am already loving this transfer. Not only do we cover a branch, but we also get to cover a ward called the Cottonwood Ward. So we basically have two areas, which is so fun! We never run out of places to find people to teach. :) I am loving my new area, though. All of the members are SO SWEET. I got transferred from the most sketchy/hood ward to the most Utah ward I could ask for. The transition is hilarious, but so fun. I love being able to walk around at night without being scared, haha. It is crazy to think I just have two transfers left.

Transfers were on Wednesday, so I have had a lot of time in my new area. We are working with a lot of great people. We are working with this cute family from Sudan. They are the sweetest, and so prepared for the gospel. The little kids tell us how good they feel when they read the Book of Mormon, and they are excited to come to church next week. One of the daughters said that she has read The Plan of Salvation pamphet "a hundred times", and that she knows it is true because "God wouldn't send us to lie to them". So precious, and so true at the same time.

We met this woman named Huong. She is from Vietnam, and she is so sweet. She let us right in her house. Missionaries actually live right across the hall from her!! She told us how she is Buddhist, but how she feels like she is coming to know Jesus Christ more. The missionaries have a picture of the Savior on their door, and she said that she "gets to know Jesus every day when she opens her door". It was cute! She told us that she would like her son to come to church, so they are planning on coming next week. So exciting :) This just shows how God is preparing His children.

Sister Willmore and I have taken so many great tours at the Trail Center lately. We also had a super cool phone call on Teaching Center! Some man called in, and the first thing he said was "How do I go about getting baptized??" We were shocked and chatted with him for a little bit, figuring out how this desire came to be. He told us he has many member friends, and he sees how happy their lives are. He sees their families and their attitudes, and knows that there is a certain light in them that he is missing. It was a cool phone call. It just testified to me that people truly are watching us, and paying attention to our actions. Our attitude and choices truly show how we let the Doctrine of Christ sink in our hearts.

This week I feel an overwhelming amount of gratitude for the Atonement. Oh my goodness, I love my Savior. When He suffered, I know He suffered specifically for me. There is a painting at the Trail Center of the Savior, and no matter where you are standing in the room, His eyes are always looking at you; the only time you wont see Him looking at you is when you are not looking at Him. I love that painting because it is SO TRUE. Jesus Christ is always there for us, and so willing to help us. The key is LETTING HIM help us. There is no mistake out of the Atonement's reach, and the Savior is always with us, asking us to partake of the gift that he has given us: the ability to repent and better ourselves. Our progression in God's plan never ever stops moving. If we aren't constantly increasing our relationship with the Savior, it is decreasing on it's own. I am so grateful for that gift that allows me to come closer to my Savior, and am grateful to use it every single day. :) I love being able to share this message of hope with all I come in contact with. I pray that we all may be able to use the Atonement for fully in our lives.

" 9 And the world, because of their iniquity, shall judge him to be a thing of naught; wherefore they scourge him, and he suffereth it; and they smite him, and he suffereth it. Yea, they spit upon him, and he suffereth it, because of his loving kindness and his long-suffering towards the children of men." 1 Nephi 19:9

I love you all! Have a good week!!


Sister Missy Hutchison

Me and Sis. Willmore!

love her!

self timer for the win!!

we already take a lot of pictures.. oh no. 

We all live in the same complex, so this is our family photo

Monday, February 20, 2017

Heat Wave!

February 20, 2017

Hello Family and Friends!!

Another quick week has come and gone  here in Nebraska! It was another warm week, as well. I think the high on Friday was like 75 degrees, so we weekly planned outside. I got a nice tan, so it was awesome :) The next few days are supposed to be waayyy nice, but then on Friday it is supposed to snow.. so.. #globalwarming

It was a great/busy week. I kind of felt like it was non-stop!I got pretty sick this week, which was a bummer. It started with an insanely swollen throat, then then it kind of felt like the flu. The mission nurse thought I had strep. But, it only lasted about 2 days, and then I felt fine! The only sad thing about it was I completely lost my voice. I was supposed to sing in Sacrament meeting yesterday but.. That definitely didn't happen.I was able to receive a blessing from President Gardner, and it was so cool because he promised me that my voice wouldn't hold me back from testifying of the Savior. Every time we were talking to someone, I was able squeak out my testimony. The church is so true :)  My voice is pretty much back now, but I sound like a 12 year old boy with the occasional squeak every now and then, but it is all good :)

Our investigator, Chris, is progressing like crazy!! He, all of the sudden, had a mighty change of heart. He has been having Word of Wisdom problems, and then he told us randomly that he was quitting Coffee starting today! He also has been living with his girlfriend for the past 7 years, and he called us a few days ago and said "I know I need to progress in the gospel. It has been a long time coming. I have moved out into my camper, and as soon as March hits and the camp sites open,I am going to move over there." The Lord's hand is so apparent in this marvelous work.

I think I have mentioned this, but Chris's mother has recently passed away. He invited us to the funeral, so we were able to go this weekend. It was very interesting being at a funeral full of individuals who didn't know about God's plan. It broke my heart seeing the misery, and hearing people say "I hope I will see her again" instead of "I know I will see her again". I am so grateful for the gospel.

I will talk about it more towards the end of my email, but, this week I am going to be transferred. So, I have said goodbye to some people in the Winter Quarters ward. One in particular who I've said goodbye to is Kale! He is still ON FIRE with the gospel. When I told him I was leaving, tears filled his eyes. He bore a powerful testimony of how the gospel has changed his life, and sincerely thanked me for being apart of his journey. It was such a testimony builder to me as to why I am here on a mission. I am here for moments like that. I love being able to see how powerfully the gospel impacts people. When I first met Kale, he was drinker, a smoker, and he swore like a sailor haha. But, I was there the day he threw away his cigarettes, and every time he swears, he instantly repents or he catches himself beforehand. He is so healthy and happy. He loves the gospel, and has a strong desire to serve. I love being a missionary.

Like I said, I am getting transferred on Wednesday. President Gardner has told me where I am going and who I will be with, but he trusts me not to tell anyone yet. So.. You will find out next week! But, I am very excited :)

I love you all! I hope you have a blessed week :)

Sister Missy Hutchison

It was our last District meeting as a district, and also Elder Jeppsons last district meeting ever. We were mourning. 

I wont be going to the clinic every week anymore :( So sad! Me, Dr. Fischer, and Marsha!

I love Kale!!!! 

Sister Cope is going home this week! So sad!!! We will miss her so much!!  (ps. I don't know why my lips look so red, I wasn't wearing lipstick. Aint nobody got time for that)

Monday, February 13, 2017

NE is Happy

February 13, 2017

Hello Fam and Friends!

Sorry for the random subject line; sometimes I don't know what to put!

It was a great week this week. It went by crazzzzyyyyyyy fast It was another week with a crazy huge snow storm.. But.. The very next day was 60 degrees, so it is all melted again! I love not having to wear tights! Woot woot! It is not supposed to get below 40 all of this week. Friday is supposed to be 67! Needless to say, I am very happy. Hopefully winter is over!

Last Monday, I forgot to tell you that I was able to clean the temple!! It was so much fun :) Sister Hall had never cleaned it, so we were able to be in charge of cleaning the Celestial Room. It was a beautiful experience!

I had a funny experience. So, Sister Hall and I were out finding families, and we knocked on a woman's door! She answered and kind of stared at us and said "Hola". It didn't take too long to figure out that she didn't speak a lick of English. We kind of just stood there, trying to figure out how to communicate. All I could say was "Jesu Cristo!!" and that I was "Hermana Hutchison". Eventually, I just lifted up my copy of The Book of Mormon and said "El Libro De Mormon!" She smiled and let us in her house!!! Again, we just stood there being frustrated that we couldn't communicate. In my broken Spanish, all I could tell her was that I liked her house (I think it is Me Gusto su Casa, or something like that). She said Gracias, so I figured it was right!! Needless to say, the gift of tongues didn't happen. That is okay, though! We gave her a Spanish copy of the Book of Mormon that we had in our car, and called the Spanish Sister Missionaries. They went back and could understand her, obviously, and said she was golden and so prepared for the gospel! Glad my 2 years of Spanish class did some good!

Like I said, it was a great week! We were able to have Zone Conference, and that was a blast!! I feel so blessed to have the leaders that I do. When President Gardner is a General Authority one day, I will be able to say that he was my Mission President. :) Anyways, we received a lot of great guidance an Zone Conference. There is nothing quite like being in a huge group of missionaries. The Spirit is always so strong.

Sister Hall and I saw a pretty cool miracle this week. We have been being very specific with our prayers, and we were really praying to find a family with a mini-van, whose husband's name is Jon! Earlier that week, we drove past a few houses with mini-vans and we were in a hurry so we couldn't stop. But, that image of those houses were burnt into my mind! I kept feeling regret for not stopping, and I knew we needed to go back!! So, on one particular day, we felt like we needed to go out of our way to go to that neighborhood. We felt really great when we prayed before we got out of the car, and so we went to the first house with a mini van! A sweet woman named Virginia opened the door, and she was very nice! We talked to her for a couple of minutes and then her cute son ran to the door. We asked what his name was, and he said "Jonathan!" Then, we asked Virginia what her husband's name was, and she said it was Jonathan, as well!! It was so neat! She said we could come back and teach her family (she has 5 kids), so we are excited to go back :) Prayer works! Specific prayers bring specific miracles.

I feel like I don't have much more to share with you this week. But, I do want to share my testimony. As I was sitting in Sacrament meeting yesterday, my heart was overwhelmed with gratitude. I know that this is Christ's original church, which has been restored to the earth through Joseph Smith. I know that through God's Priesthood Power, our families can be binded for eternity. I know that Jesus Christ is the Savior and the Redeemer of the world, and this is through Him that we can be forgiven and live with God again. I love this work so much. I love this gospel. I am so grateful to be a missionary.

Have a great week!!!

Sister Missy Hutchison

It is a little blurry.. But.. We really didn't take pictures this week, so we took this today before we can to email! 

a pic from Zone Conference! 

Monday, February 6, 2017

It's Monday Again??

February 6, 2017

Hello Family and Friends :) 

It was a good week! It definitely went by crazy fast :) 

I want to start out by telling you a cool miracle that Sister Hall and I experienced this week. As we were out in our area, we came across this kind of crazy man. He was really nice, but we knew that we would have a hard time teaching him. So, we asked him for referrals, and he kind of mumbled, and mentioned that there was a Spanish family down the street that might listen to us. After we finished talking to him, we realized it was lunch time, so we were about to go home to eat, but then we felt like we should just try the Spanish family really quickly. So, we walked on over and realized that a Spanish family didn't live there, but we decided to knock on the door anyways! A woman named Justine answered the door, and she came right out to talk to us! Her first comment was "Are you guys Mormons?" Then we spoke for a little bit. She asked, "What differs you from other Christian religions?" We were happy to answer her question, so we asked if we could say a prayer with her to bring the spirit, before we answered! She said yes, and so we prayed right on her porch. In the prayer, we asked that Justine might be comforted with whatever she might be going through at this time of her life. As we closed the prayer, we opened our eyes to see that she was bawling. She apologized and said "I'm sorry.. It is just so amazing that you are here, and that you prayed for me. My boyfriend was killed in a car accident 3 weeks ago, and I want to know that he is okay." This gave us the perfect opportunity to testify of The Plan of Salvation. I think we really helped her that day, and she agreed to let us take her on tour of the Trail Center! We, hopefully, will be able to do that this week. 

We had our monthly Missionary Leadership Council last week! It was so fun :) I love being able to spend time with the other Sister Training Leaders and Zone Leaders from all over the mission. It is so much fun. All of the trainings were great, as well! I love learning from President and Sister Gardner. They are so inspired and teach me so much :) 

This week, Sister Hall and I got locked out of our house. So.. That was fun! We do not normally lock the door that leads into our garage, and some sisters that were studying at our house thought they were being cautious and locked it... So, we try to go home for a second and realize the doors are all locked, and that our key is inside!! It was kind of stressful, but turned out okay. One of the FM missionaries had a key, and he was able to come let us in at about 7:00pm. By this time, we were starving because we hadn't eaten dinner. Our dinner was in the crockpot..... Yeah, the  chicken was completely black and hard as a rock. So, Sister Hall and I looked at each other and just laughed because of how frustrating our day was. Then, we went and got Sonic. Sounds like a successful night to me! 

Our investigator, Chris, was finally able to make it to church on Sunday! He was progressing so well, until his mom passed away. That definitely put him on hold, which is understandable. But, he managed to make it to church. We promised him that if he went to church, that a question that he had would be answered. He walked in the last second and sat by us before the meeting started, so we were very happy! The spirit was so strong during testimony meeting, and next thing we know, Chris is up on the stand, waiting to bear his testimony!! The first thing he says is "I know this church is true, and I know that Joseph Smith is a prophet" then we bore a powerful testimony of the Plan of Salvation that made everyone's jaw drop. He let us know that he was sorry for stopping his progression, and that he wants to start preparing for his baptism again. The gospel truly does bless lives. 

I am so grateful to be a missionary!! I love this work so much :) It is the best thing I have ever done. 

Sister Missy Hutchison

me and a Senior Elder got talking about how we both love peanut M&M's, and the next day he surprised me with this 56 oz bag of them!! The senior couples are way too sweet to us sisters. I love Elder Tremayne! 

Me, Sister Church, and Sister Inokuchi at MLC :)