Friday, October 30, 2015

My First Week is Complete!!

October 30, 2015

Hello Everybody!!! (The guy from The Simpsons voice)

Man, I have had one of the best weeks ever. I truly mean it when I say I love the MTC. I have made so many friends here, and I feel so at home. So to start off my week since I've emailed last, I met my Branch President!! His name is President Laney, and he is one of the best guys I have ever met. He knows his scriptures like the back of his hand, he could give Uncle Rich a run for his money!!! I could say something random and he will know a scripture reference within half a second! It is so insane!!!

Sunday was amazing though. It was the quickest Sacrament meeting I have ever been to. It literally felt like 20 minutes because I was so happy to be there the whole time. All of the talks were amazing and there was a constant feeling of the spirit. I am excited for this Sunday because it is fast and testimony meeting. I cannot wait to share my testimony. It's one of my favorite things to do now!

Also on Sunday, we did a temple walk. Those are what the pics are from!!! This morning, since it is P day, we were able to do a session at the temple as well. It was so amazing. It was the first time I had ever felt home-sick though.. I was sitting in the celestial room just thinking about my amazing family and started to cry. But, after praying so hard for comfort, I looked up and saw a picture of Christ with his arms opened wide. There was immediate peace in my heart, and in that moment I knew everything was going to be okay. In that moment I knew I was doing exactly what I was supposed to.

So I experienced my first missionary miracle this week. Gosh, it was incredible. So.. I got pretty dang sick. Don't be alarmed, I'm fine. But for most of the week I had a really bad cold and ended up losing my voice completely and just feeling so dang miserable. My companion and I have trc's a few nights a week, and this is when the MTC hires non-members to be our investigators and we teach them. So I was stressing because I didn't want Sister Irwin to be doing all of the teaching. But right before the lesson we sat and had a prayer together. We got  into the discussion and my voice was back. I taught Ivy (our investigator) about the Restoration and recited the first vision all by myself, and there was such a special spirit in the room. As soon as we said goodbye and walked out the door, my voice was gone again. God truly works in mysterious ways. I asked my lovely Zone Leaders for a blessing and the next day I literally felt perfect. This church is so true, guys.

Tuesday was incredible. I got to participate in the MTC choir, and we sang at the devotional that night. The devotional was live-broadcasted to all of the MTC's IN. THE WORLD. Obviously some watched it the next day, but still. It was pretty sweet. Want to know why it was live??? ELDER ANDERSEN SPOKE!!!!!!!!!! I WAS ABLE TO HEAR AN APOSTLE OF GOD ON TUESDAY NIGHT, GUYS! His talk was so great. It was about sacrifice, opposition, the adversary and deliverance. It was inspiring. The moment we all stood up for him to enter the room, I saw him and my eyes filled with tears. It's crazy how the spirit so strongly testified to me that he is truly an apostle.

I have never laughed so hard in one day than I did on Wednesday. The girls in my room (Sis. Irwin, Orton, and Chappell) are quickly becoming my best friends. We call ourselves the "Nebrasquad"(thats the gang sign we are throwing out in our pic) or the "Omahomies", and we get along so great. We all are so freaking funny. I don't even know what was so funny on Wednesday, all I know is we were dying from laughter at lunch, all the way until we were in bed that night. I cannot explain how much I love every single one of them, and the Elders in our District. We are family. I will be so bummed when the elders leave next Wednesday.

It is so funny, some of the elders in our classroom building are teaching us different things in the languages they are speaking. I know a little Japanese, French, Korean and Sign Language!!

We met with Ivy again this week. She moved here a year ago from Taiwan, and she is going to UVU. She was able to move here because she won the green card lottery or something like that! Pretty sweet, right?? we talked to her about the Holy Ghost. I shared a personal experience and taught her how God is truly our Father in Heaven and she can feel comfort when she prays. She agreed to pray with us and when she was done, there were tears in her eyes. There were tears in my eyes as well. The spirit was so strong. The next lesson she told us how she is starting to have faith in mormonism and a belief in God (she was originally buddhist). She agreed to read some of the Book of Mormon, and we have our last lesson with her tonight. We are going to invite her to baptism. She even told us she argued with her sister about how our church is true. Her faith is incredible. I love Ivy.

Well, I think I talked your ear off enough.. I love you all so much. Thanks for the many many emails and letters I received this week. I feel so blessed. This church is so true, and I love serving the Lord. Missionary work is truly incredible, and I wouldn't want to be anywhere else than here right now. I'm truly doing what I need to be doing.

Sister Hutchison

ps. I know I should be smiling in the pic in front of the temple. Believe me when I say I was happy to be there.

pss. I challenge you all to read the First Vision. Pray before, of course, to feel the spirit while reading. It truly will touch your heart.  Joseph Smith History 1: 16-17

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