Monday, May 15, 2017

The Last Weekly Email. Goodbye Nebraska [broken heart emoji]

Hello Family and Friends,

Wow. I cannot believe that this is the last time I will be emailing all of you before I am home. It has been such a quick 18 (19.. haha) months. As hard as it will be to leave, I am looking forward to being reunited with all of you again. It was very fun to Facetime with my family yesterday. :)

It was such a wonderful last week of my mission. I was able to see such an amazing miracle. For the past 12 weeks, every single day, Sister Willmore and I have been praying to find a woman named Shannon. These past 12 weeks have probably been the hardest weeks of my mission! I have never faced so much rejection in my life. It seemed like door after door would be slammed in our faces, and it was pretty discouraging. But, Sister Willmore and I never lost hope. We continued to fast and pray for Shannon. We met a couple of Shannon's along the way who weren't interested.. So, we knew it wasn't the right one and we continued to pray! Last Monday, Sister Willmore and I went out into our area. WE FOUND 3 SHANNONS IN ONE NIGHT. All of them said we could come back. It was SUCH a miracle!!!!! Later this week, we had a return appointment with one of them. We were trying very hard to find a team-up, but everyone we had asked said no. So, we were sitting at our dinner appointment, and the woman who cooked us dinner offered to come out with us! It was so great!! The lesson went so well. Shannon had a lot of great questions, and connected really well with the member. The lesson started out with her saying that she wasn't really looking for her and her family to come closer to Christ. But, the lesson ended with her saying a vocal prayer FOR HER FIRST TIME, praying that her 15 month old son would come to know Jesus. It was incredible, and such a miracle. It just shows the power of prayer, and the power of faith. We could have given up SOO many times. But, we didn't. Because we kept being diligent in or efforts, we were blessed. Shannon is now our investigator. :) So exciting!!! It seems surreal as we plan lessons with for her and have her name written in our planners, haha.

Other than our Shannon miracle, it was a week of "lasts". My last District meeting, my last Sacrament meeting here, etc. Goodbyes are the WORST. I also had my departing interview with President Gardner this week. As soon as I said the opening prayer, both of us were crying. It was emotional! I am so grateful for that man. He is the greatest Mission President I could have asked for. I am so blessed.

I am so sad to be leaving Nebraska. My heart is so broken because of the fact that it is my time to go home, but at the same time, my heart has NEVER been so WHOLE. My heart is whole because I know what is important. The only thing that matters in life is this Gospel or Jesus Christ, and I have truly come to realize that. This Gospel changes life; I have seen it happen in front of my eyes. I have been a witness of God's miracles. These past 18 months have been the hardest months of my life, but they have been the most rewarding, and I have been the most happy. This is because I had the opportunity to serve the Lord 24/7. I know that Joseph Smith is the Prophet of the Restoration. God and Jesus Christ DID appear to him, and DID restore Christ's original church back on the earth. I know this church will never be lost again, and I know God still speaks to us today. We truly DO have a living prophet, and his name is Thomas S. Monson. He is called of God, and holds all of the keys of the Priesthood. I know that The Book of Mormon is true. The feelings I feel in my heart when I read it are undeniable. That book truly DOES contain the powers from Heaven. In my setting-apart blessing, I was told that the scriptures would become my best friends, and that is most certainly true. That is how God speaks to me, and the words written by ancient prophets has given me so much comfort. I know that through the Priesthood power which has been restored on the earth, that families are ETERNAL. This is the ONLY way our families can be sealed. This earthly life is so short, but it is just a step in our eternal progression. There is so much more after this life. I am so blessed to have a family so strong in the gospel, and I am so excited to apply everything I have learned to my future family. Before my mission, Jesus Christ was just someone that I heard about in church. I never REALLY knew Him. But, now I know with all of my heart that He is my Savior. When He suffered for us, He didn't just suffer for our sins... It was so much more than that. He suffered for every single time we are frustrated, upset, sad, hurt, etc. Every time I had a hard day out here, and was wondering how in the world I got through it, it's because the Savior went through it first. He carried me through everything, and will continue to carry me throughout my life. I know who I am, and I know what God expects me to be. My life is changed, and I know it will never be the same; I don't WANT it to be the same. Even though in a few days I wont be a set-apart "representative" of Jesus Christ anymore, I will still stand as a witness of Him. I know He lives, and will live forever. I AM a witness of Jesus Christ, and will be til the day I fall at His feet. I love Him.

Thank you again for all of the support that has been given to me throughout my mission. I can honestly say I am leaving my mission with no regrets, and that is a wonderful feeling. I am so grateful for the opportunity I have had to serve. I don't know who I would be without all the memories, people I have met, and the Spirit I have received from my mission. It is so apparent that God needed me in Nebraska at this time.

"12 And now, my sons, remember, remember that it is upon the rock of our Redeemer, who is Christ, the Son of God, that ye must build your foundation; that when the devil shall send forth his mighty winds, yea, his shafts in the whirlwind, yea, when all his hail and his mighty storm shall beat upon you, it shall have no power over you to drag you down to the gulf of misery and endless wo, because of the rock upon which ye are built, which is a sure foundation, a foundation whereon if men build they cannot fall." Helaman 5:12


Sister Hutchison

THOSE WHO WANT TO COME TO MY HOMECOMING: It will be at 11:00am on May 21st, and it will be at 932 W. Greenoaks Dr. Murray UT, 84123

What Sis. Willmore and I do on Preparation Days..


Said "bye" to Courtney </3

Last District Meeting!

My comp <33

My POSTERITY (I trained Sister Hall- daughter, she trained Sister Gurr-granddaughter, she trained Sister Neuberger- great-granddaughter) I love mission terms.


Sister Church is a fav, too.

same ^

We literally took this picture 30 seconds ago. Had to take one last pic with all of us who are emailing right now :) 

Monday, May 8, 2017

My Last full Week... GAHHHH

May 8, 2017

Hello Family and Friends!!

Wow, what a wonderful week it has been! It went by very fast, which is kind of scary!

Like I said, my week was great. I attended my very last Zone Conference this week, which was hard. But, the meeting was so wonderful and the Spirit was so strong. Wow, I love being a missionary and being in that atmosphere.

We went on the yearly Trail Center field trip. This is when all of the Trail Center sisters and Senior Couples see all of the church history sites around Iowa! It was super cool! :) We had an awesome time.

I had another amazing Teaching Center miracle this week. I saw the name "Ashley" pop up in the queue, and I felt so compelled to click on it. So, I did! Ashley had ordered a free Bible, so I called her to verify. As I was speaking to her, I simply asked her why she decided to order one! She started weeping, telling me how she has been suffering with a lot of afflictions lately, and felt like she needed to come closer to Christ. I asked her if I could share a message with her about her Savior, and she accepted! We started with a prayer, and as I was praying, I heard her continue to cry on the other line. It broke me heart. I began to share with her the message of the Restoration. She was amazed the whole time. When I explained Joseph Smith to her, she kept saying things like "That is how I feel! I always wondered why there were so many churches!" She was able to "liken" herself to his story, which was pretty cool. After the first vision, is was silent. All I heard was a faint "wow" from her end of the phone. The Spirit was intense, and I knew I needed to stop the lesson and have her pray RIGHT THEN to ask if it was true. We got down on our knees, and she prayed. She said such a sincere prayer, asking God if this was His true church. After the prayer, I asked her how she felt. She said, "well, I'm not crying anymore.. I feel peaceful." I simply said, "Ashley, is this the true church?" After a little pause, she said "Yes. I know it is." Wow. After that, I invited her to be baptized, and she agreed. So, I sent her information to her local missionaries in Florida. As soon as I pressed "Send", I called the local missionaries. They were sweet sisters, and I let them know what happened. As soon as I stopped talking to them, the sisters went over to Ashley's house, probably within 20 minutes of us ending our lesson. They are now teaching her, and she is doing well. Such a cool miracle.

Some new families are now in our ward, so we went over this week to meet them. As we went to one specific family's home, the mom was the only one home with our kids. She was THE CUTEST young mom ever, and was so sweet to us. We asked if we could share a message with her, and she said "of course!!" So we started sharing a message with her about how doing the basics (prayer, Book of Mormon reading, church) are soo important. We asked her how doing these things have blessed her family. She was quiet for a moment, and said "I can tell you how NOT doing them has effected my family.. It has been a while since we have done that, and we have seen a difference." As we talked to her more about that, she opened right up to us. She started telling us that she doesn't even know that there is a God anymore, and doesn't even have a testimony. It was so heart breaking. You seriously would have NEVER guessed that. Her and her family are at church every Sunday, and look like such a cute Mormon family. She just cried to us, telling us how broken she feels. She doesn't even pray anymore because she feels like she is talking to the wall. We all were able to share pretty personal experiences, and I think it helped a little bit.. But, it broke my heart. Kind of like I said last week, my testimony has grown SO MUCH about why it is ESSENTIAL to do the basics. Church, prayer, and The Book of Mormon provides heavenly power that will help you resist the temptations of the Devil and bring you closer to God. So many people think "that will never be me..", but then they stop doing the basics.

On another note, Sister Willmore and I found a hidden neighborhood in our area the other day! As we were knocking doors, we figured out that missionaries have NEVER been to that area before. No one was interested at this time, but hey, it takes like 7 good interactions with the church until someone joins, right?

It was a really good week. It is crazy to think this is the last full week of my mission. I am determined to make it the best.

Sister Hutchison

Me and Sister Willmore at Zone Conference!

Piggy back! :)

The Ludlows are in the Rockbrook ward, and took us to lunch to say bye! I love them!!

Put us on your next Coke ad.

Field trip!!

This is in front of where Orson Hyde's home used to be. This is where the 1st presidency received the confirmation that Brigham Young was to be the next prophet, and then they sustained him. Such a cool spirit!!

Same :)

Monday, May 1, 2017

May?? What??

May 1, 2017

Hello Family and Friends!!

Wow! Another week has flown by. I cannot even believe how fast time goes! It has been a great week!

Sister Willmore and I received some pretty cool revelation this week. As we were weekly planning, we were discussing possible reasons as to why we are not finding people to teach.. We feel like we are being exactly obedient and that we are using our time wisely, so we were very confused. But then it hit us! We realized how much success we were having on Teaching Center at the Trail Center. We have seriously sent SOOO many referrals to local missionaries at the Trail Center. We immediately felt guilty for feeling so discouraged, and repented haha. As we pondered what we could do for our area, we received a strong impression that we needed to strengthen the members or our ward. So, this next week we have lots of plans to visit our members and seek referrals from them. We have a lesson plan that will strengthen their testimonies and desire to do missionary work. We are so excited!

I had a cool miracle on Teaching Center this week. This girl from Australia, named Shawntelle, came online chatting. She said that she always sees the "" poster on the train every day, and wanted to check it out. She had a lot of good questions, and a sincere desire to learn more. I was able to teach her the Restoration and explain The Book of Mormon to her. As I was explaining, I shared John 10:16 with her, which says: "16 And other sheep‍ I have, which are not of this fold: them also I must bring, and they shall hear my voice; and there shall be one‍ fold, and‍ one shepherd". She was ASTONISHED when I shared that scripture. She said she had never really paid much attention to it before. She said "Jesus Christ said it, so The Book of Mormon must be true!" It was so neat to see that click for her. She didn't want to meet with local missionaries, but for the past week, I have been teaching her online! It has been great! She sent me an email and asked for advice on what to do while she reads The Book of Mormon. I told her to pray for understanding before and after, and then I felt like I needed to share Galatians 5:22-23 about "the fruits of the Spirit". Not even a day later, she emails me and says she has been focusing on Galatians 5: 22-23 for the past week, and knows it wasn't a coincidence that I shared that with her. It seriously has been so great teaching her! I am excited to see how she progresses!

Since we have been at the Trail Center 5-6 times a week, we haven't had a TON of area time. But, when we ARE in our area, we spend most of our time finding. It hasn't been too successful lately, but that is okay. We still are trying :) We actually met an old former investigator the other day. His name is Tim. He let us right in his house and talked to us for a while. He told us how he used to meet with missionaries, and how he loves The Book of Mormon. He said "it fills in the gaps of The Bible". It was obvious he loved his missionary discussions, and had a desire to progress. But, it was also obvious that his wife does NOT like us. She didn't make eye contact with us at all, and made it clear that she loved her Methodist faith. So, there is the source of why Tim never joined the church :( We left them with a commitment to read the scriptures as a family once a week, so we are going to go back soon to follow up!

Sister Willmore and I had another cool miracles on Teaching Center. We took a phone call, and it was this gentlemen who sounded pretty depressed. The first thing he said was "Hello, I would like to remove my records from the church". It broke our hearts! We politely told him we weren't the ones to talk to about that, but we kept the conversation going and asked him why he was feeling this way. He opened up to us about how he had been offended and wanted nothing to do with the church. We asked him questions like "when was the last time you went to church?" He said 3 months ago. We asked him "when was the last time you read The Book of Mormon?" He said about 2 years ago. DING DING DING. There was the problem. After talking to him for a while, we asked him if he knew that the church was true. He said that he did, and told us how he gained his testimony. Then, we simply asked if we could pray with him, and he said yes. So, we got on our knees in our little chat room and prayed with him over the phone. The spirit was so strong. After the prayer, we asked him how he felt. He said he felt peaceful, and that he was going to start reading the Book of Mormon. He didn't want to leave the church anymore. It was powerful. This was such a testimony builder as to why we MUST be going to church, praying and reading The Book of Mormon diligently daily.

Oh my goodness. Words cannot even begin to express how much I love this marvelous work. I LOVE being a missionary, and being able to share my testimony with others. It is the biggest blessing in my life. I can feel all of your prayers, and am so grateful for all of the support that I receive. I hope you all have a wonderful week!

"23 Therefore, cheer up‍ your hearts, and remember that ye are free‍ to act‍ for yourselves—to choose‍ the way of everlasting death or the way of eternal life." -2 Nephi 10:23

Sister Hutchison

We bought a "love fern" haha

Hot chocolate/melano cookies is how we spend our evenings

my 2 favorite people: Dr. Fischer and Bill

My "month" was is completed!!

Monday, April 24, 2017

18 Months....????????

April 24, 2017

Hello family and friends!!

Another great week has come and gone. Wow. I can hardly believe how fast time is going. My subject line is true: I hit my 18 month mark last week. That is so weird to me. It feels like I have been here maybe like 6 months.

This week was so great. It was kind of a blurr. So, I will try my best to remember what happened!!

I had my last Zone Training this week. It was so good!! At the end, the Zone Leaders asked me to come up and bear my testimony, and that was a little heart wrenching and weird, but, all is well. I made it through!

We had a cool miracle this week! Sister Willmore and I were out trying to find people to teach, and we saw this man smoking in his garage. We went over and talked to him, asked him how he was doing, and he said "'Great! I've got my whiskey!" Then, he held up his two liter bottle of whiskey. It was pretty funny! His friend came outside and offered us a beer, and we of course said "no thank you!" Usually in those situations, the spirit would tell us to leave, but it did the opposite. It was weird. We started talking to those guys some more, and stated our purpose. Then, they actually started to ask some very sincere questions. We ended up teaching them the full restoration, and it was a really cool lesson. At the end of the lesson, we were able to give them each a copy of The Book of Mormon, and they committed to read it. One of the guys looked at us and said "Well, ladies, you did one thing today.. You made me believe in angles." It was so sweet. Then they both started saying that we were glowing, and it was such a cool experience. It wasn't in a "creepy old man" way, it was more in an "adorable dad" way. So sweet. We are so glad that we talked to them.

We have been spending sooo much time finding, and not even finding anyone. So, it has been a little discouraging. But, we actually found a couple of potential investigators yesterday!!!! It was a miracle!! We were in a pretty nice neighborhood, and we met two very nice families who said we could come back. So, please keep Nicole and Ashley in your prayers!

Sister Willmore and I volunteered at the food bank again today. It was so much fun! Other than that, I don't really know what to share about this week! But, I am so grateful for the gospel. I know with all of my heart that it is true. I know that this is Christ's original church, and that it has been restored in its fullness. I love the gospel, and I love being a servant of God, and a Representative of Jesus Christ.

Sister Missy Hutchison

18 months....?? Our last month picture!!

love them!!

Nebrasquad.. Like old times!!

Zone Training! 

God Bless America

I tried "Runza". I am now a true Nebraskan. I had heart-burn all night and Sister Willmore literally had the "runssaa". Worth it, though. 


Monday, April 17, 2017

Post-Easter email

April 17, 2017

Hello Fam and Friends!!

It's Monday again? Goodness, time needs to slow down!! It is all going by way too fast!!

It was another wonderful week this week in Nebraska! It was pretty productive, so that's always good!! I will try my best to remember what I did.

Last Monday, I forgot to tell you that Sister Willmore and I used our Preparation Day time to volunteer at a food bank! Oh my gosh, it was so fun! It was also very sad to see such poor people with hungry children. But, it was very rewarding being able to give them food and smile/talk with them. I loved it. Sister Willmore and I are going to do that every week now!

We still have been doing A LOT of finding.. It gets kind of discouraging with how much time we spend finding, but how many people we don't find, but that is  okay. WE HAVEN'T LOST FAITH AND HOPE :) We know that God is preparing His children for us!! Patience is definitely a Christ-like attribute that I have learned to develop.

Although we haven't had much luck in our area, we have still been able to see miracles serving at the Trail Center. I was able to online chat with a certain gentleman, and he originally started chatting with me to talk about The Bible. After a little while, I taught him about The Book of Mormon, and he wanted one! He told me about how he believes God has been preparing him in his life to receive His gospel. It was neat! I was able to teach him the restoration and he agreed to meet with local missionaries (he's from Canada). Another chat I had was another gentleman who came on asking very obserd questions about how mormons date, haha (it is so funny to hear the world's perception about Mormons). He was sincere, though! He opened up, telling me how he came from a very broken family, and he can feel the love that Mormon families have for each other. He kept telling me how he wanted that love in his life. I was able to testify of the importance of the family, and he agreed to meet with local missionaries, as well (he's from England). Even though we aren't seeing much success in our area, we still are fulfilling our purpose! That is all that matters :)

I had an intense tour this week! As soon as I got on shift, I took over another sister's tour. The 20 year old son was a recent convert, but the mom and grandparents weren't members. At the end of the tour, there is a replica of the Salt Lake temple, and the Spirit told me to testify of eternal families. So, I did! Awe man... I got attacked!! They kept saying things like, "So, are you saying since we're not members that we're not a family??" and they kept building off of each other and the member didn't say anything! I was on this tour alone, so I didn't have a companion to back me up. So, I said a prayer in my heart during them saying terrible things to me, asking Heavenly Father what I should do. I got the impression to simply testify of The Book of Mormon. I cut them off, held my Book of Mormon to the square, and said "I was raised in the church, and my knowledge is still not perfect. But, what I do know is that The Book of Mormon is true." Then I explained that it's the keystone of our religion, and that they can come to know that it's true for themselves. It went completely silence. In the midst of the silence, the mom said "well, then I have to get myself one of those." I gave her a copy, and the rest of the tour kept on walking, but the mom stayed behind. I was able to explain to her a little bit more about The Book of Mormon. I asked her if she had a faith in Christ, and she just looked at me with tears in her eyes and completely opened up to me. She told me how she had a 5 year old son pass away, and it really had shaken her faith. I was able to read a little bit of Moroni 8 with her, about how little children are perfect. I always have had a little table of contents in my copy of The Book of Mormon that has questions of the soul, and where to find the answers in the Book of Mormon, but I knew she needed it more than I did. I gave that to her, and she was grateful. I invited her to be baptized, and she said that she would. It was an amazing experience. I truly was able to witness the spirit changing someones heart! There is so much power behind short and simple testimonies.

My Easter was wonderful!! Sister Willmore and I woke up with a beautiful sunrise lighting up our room :) then, we made some pancakes and eggs. It was delicious! Church was great, as well. It was so spiritual and every single talk was so inspired!! Then, a cute family in our ward fed us Easter dinner. It was SO GOOD. The kids in the family were so cute. They made us an easter basket out of paper and staples. Then, they took their own candy from their baskets and filled it! It was so sweet and thoughtful! The parents said it was all the kids idea :)

I have such an overwhelming love for my Savior. I know that He is Risen. I know that He has such an individual love for each of us. I love being a representative of Him, and being able to testify of what I know to be true. I am grateful for my mission, and how it changes me every day. I pray that we will all serve the Lord, and let a mighty change wrought in our hearts.

I love you all! Have a fantastic week!!

Sister Missy Hutchison

Us and Sister Levicki! She is such a sweet woman in our ward.

This couple came into the Trail Center! They are the Chidesters :) After talking, we realized that we are related! My Grandma Darlene is Brother Chidester's cousin! Crazy coincidence!

The Clay St. Apartment complex family

The Dannenbergs and our cute Easter basket that they made us :) 

Our Easter Breakfast. Sister Willmore and I are starting a new breakfast business. 

Easter Dresses!!

Nebraska Sunsets! 

Monday, April 10, 2017

The Start of the Last Transfer!!

April 10, 2017

Dear Family and Friends,

What's up?? Another week has come and gone! So crazy! It was kind of a wild week, though. First of all, SISTER WILLMORE AND I SURVIVED TRANSFERS!! I wish someone would have been filming us when we got the phone call, we freaked out because we were so happy. So, I guess it's official: Walnut Creek is my last area and Sister Willmore is my last companion! I cannot even believe that I am in my last transfer, but I am so excited to see what this transfer brings. :)

Like I said, this week was kind of wild. The beginning of it kind of dragged because all we were basically doing was cleaning and having an anticipation about transfers.The rest of the week was kind of  a blurr! I will do my best to remember :)

Sister Willmore and I did a lot of finding this week! We have knocked on SO MANY DOORS. We did find one potential woman! Her name is Erica, and we told her that our message could bring peace into her life. She told us that was exactly what she needed right now, and went on telling us that it was the 1 year anniversary of her grandpa's death. She said her family was having a hard time, and so we should come back and share our message with her whole family. We gladly accepted that offer! We are excited to go back and see them.

We did some service for a cute family we are working with, the Dodd family! They are so sweet, and we help on their farm (Yes, I did farm work). After we were done, Mrs. Dodd gave us a dozen farm fresh eggs and tomato soup which was made from home-grown tomatoes. Best food ever!

Saturdy was an interesting day of itself. We met this man that was totally rejecting us, and then as we walked away we heard a huge shaddering sound. We turned around and saw that his giant glass bottle of liquor fell out of his trunk and shaddered everywhere, and he was just cussing. I hope that was a sign for him, haha. Our dinner appointment on Saturday was funny, too. We were STARVING and we got to our dinner appointment and discovered that all that was made was mini chocolate muffins and like 3 apple slices. Sister Willmore and I couldn't help but laugh afterwards. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining; I'm grateful for the food! It was just hilarious because she basically said "I was too lazy to cook." #Nutrition

Satuday night was the adult session of Stake Conference! It was awesome! Our Stake President gave a supr bold talk. He basically said that if we are unwilling about our callings, than we don't love God. BOOM.It was powerful. On the drive home some guys kept riding our tails and driving next to us making kissy faces and practically jumping out the window trying to get us to talk to them. It was interesting being hit on.. Haven't experienced that in a while haha!!

We had our official Stake Conference yesterday, and it was SO GOOD. Every talk was about showing God that we love him, and realizing our divine potential. It was probably the best Stake Conference I have eer been to. :) We were sitting next to a cute woman in our ward, and her little boy kept holding my hand and kissing my cheek. He even said "Sister Hutchison, I love you!" It was precious!

All in all, it was a good week! I am so excited for Easter next Sunday. I love being able to reflect on our Savior's life and His Atonement for us. I know that He lives. I know that because He was resurrected, we ALL will be resurrected one day. It doesn't matter what we have done in life, who we are, or where we are, we ALL will be able to receive that gift. It is incredible :) He is risen, and He is risen today and forever. I love my Savior. I am so grateful to be a representative of Him at this time. If you haven't already, PLEASE watch the new Easter Initiative on I can promise you will feel peace, and feel closer to your Savior. :) Have a wonderful week!!!!

"1 In the end of the sabbath, as it began to dawn toward the first day of the week, came Mary Magdalene and the other Mary to see the sepulchre. 2 And, behold, there was a great earthquake: for the angel of the Lord descended from heaven, and came and rolled back the stone from the door, and sat upon it. 3 His countenance was like lightning, and his raiment white as snow: 4 And for fear of him the keepers did shake, and became as dead men. 5 And the angel answered and said unto the women, Fear not ye: for I know that ye seek Jesus, which was crucified. 6 He is not here: for he is risen, as he said. Come, see the place where the Lord lay." Matthew 28: 1-6


Sister Hutchison

Sis. Willmore and I found a nice open field :) We love Nebraska!!

"the hills are alive.."

kind of the same as 1

Easter Initiative #PrinceOfPeace

Wendy's can't be promising forever families....

Sister Willmore and I made a commercial this week... If you have ever seen the "Get the London Look" commercials, you'd understand. HAHA.. This is what happens when you keep us together one more transfer. 

Monday, April 3, 2017

Spring has Sprung!

April 3, 2017

Hey Family and Friends!

Wow, what a wonderful week it has been!! I honestly don't remember much of it because it went by so quickly, but I will do my best!

It was a super rainy week! Spring has officially sprung here in Nebraska. Our week consisted of a lot of "finding". We didn't have a lot of luck, but that is okay! It always cracks me up when people open the door, see us soaking wet and say "Wow, girls. You look freezing! You shouldn't be outside! Stay warm!" Like, LET US IN. Haha, it's okay :) We are doing our best to find people to teach, so I know the Lord has some good things planned ahead of us.:)

I had an awesome personal study this week about "conversion". I wasn't sure what I wanted to study that day, so I prayed and flipped open the Bible Dictionary  and that word was on the page I flipped on. As I studied conversion more deeply, I discovered that in order to be truly converted, you must be actively exercising the Doctrine of Christ in your life. As we  do these things, is allows our hearts to change, and our faith will become a knowledge.

I LOVED GENERAL CONFERENCE. I think it was the best conference I have ever listened to. I felt like every single talk was for me! A couple of my favorite talks were the ones by President Nelson, and Elder Holland. President Nelson's talk was all about the power of the Atonement of Jesus Christ. We have to be exercising Christ's Atonement daily. It is only through His Atonement that we can be healed and have true happiness. I love how he mentioned that the event of the Atonement doesn't save us, but it was the sacrifice of the Savior; we must ALWAYS recognize that. Elder Holland's talk was about being confident in who you are, and being confident in others, as well. This gospel is all about progression!! We must not discriminate, but we must love. :) His comparison with needing "all of the voices in God's choir" was awesome! Each of us has a divine potential, and has the ability to change. I loved his quote when he said, "Come as you are, but don't plan to stay as you are.."

Obviously, there were more amazing talks. I will send you a copy of my study journal if you want to know what I thought of the rest of them haha :) But I am so grateful for the gospel in my life. I am so grateful to live in a dispensation with modern prophets and apostles. As Sister Willmore and I were on our way to watch conference with a member, we saw all of the cars that surrounded us and felt so sad that none of them knew that a Prophet of God was speaking that day. I am so grateful to be on a mission, and to constantly be strengthening my testimony by trying to help others gain one. I love sharing the gospel. It is my life, and nothing brings  a greater happiness. :)

Transfers are this week. Sister Willmore and I feel like we are probably getting transferred, so we will see how it goes. I can't believe I will be starting my last transfer in a few days. Crazy!! Anyways, I love you all. Thanks for the support and love. Have a fantastic week.:)


Sister Missy Hutchison

we didn't take a lot of pics this week.. So.. This is me currently and Sister Willmore intently emailing. 

Some of the fav sistas

Monday, March 27, 2017

Nebraska is Home

March 27, 2017

Hey Family and Friends!!!

Wow, this week has gone by so fast! It was wild!!

First of all, TODAY was a blast. Sister Willmore and I went and took some fun pictured in downtown Omaha. There is a little park there that has amazing statues of the pioneers. It makes it even more special being able to serve at the Trail Center. :) Then, we went to the Pedestrian Bridge, and took pictures on the Nebraska/Iowa line. It was a lot of fun!

We had Zone Conference this week, and it was INCREDIBLE. The whole focus was about having a Mighty Change of Heart. It was amazing being able to reflect back on how my heart used to be, and how my heart has changed so far on my mission. The key to a Mighty Change of Heart is living the Doctrine of Christ. As we are doing so, it allows us to be worthy of the Spirit, and we will desire to become better. As we are purifying ourselves, we are allowing the Holy Ghost to change us :) After Zone Conference, we had Zone Olympics! It was so much fun. I actually won push-ups and sprints!! Yes, I was very sore the next day. But.. It was worth it. 50 boy pushups won me the gold! (plastic)

I don't know how many of you were able to watch Womens Conference on Saturday, but it was so great!!! There was a talk by Bonnie Cordon, and she focused on Proverbs 3:5-6. It reads : "5 ¶ Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. 6 In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths." She talked about how we should not be "leaning", because as we lean it means we are off balance! As we are standing strong as a witness of Christ, we will be immovable! I loved that so much! So powerful. That connects to missionary work so well. I CANNOT do this alone; there is no room for leaning. I must give all that I have to Heavenly Father, and he will help me be a true representative of His Son.

Sister Willmore and I had an interesting/cool experience this week. We had a little bit of time before our dinner appointment, so we went to go find in an apartment complex. We went through one apartment building, but felt like we shouldn't knock on most of those doors. So, we headed to the building next to it. The first door we knocked on was a man named Tim. He came right outside and was happy to talk to us. In the middle of our conversation, he asked us if we were wearing contacts, and we told him no. He told us that he studies eyes, and ours are very different for some reason. He was looking at them in all different angles but couldn't figure out what was different about them. It was cool because we know that he was seeing the light of Christ. At first, he was very hesitant, but the more we talked, the more interested he became. We asked him why God had us knock on his door, and he instantly opened up about everything he was going through. He has had a tough life. He asked where our church was, and said we could stop by again. There is even a member of the church that is on the floor right above him! Hopefully we will be able to see him again soon :)

I am sorry right now in advance for all of the pictures! There are a lot this week. But I hope you all have a great week :) I can't wait to hear all of your insights on general conference!!! You are in my thoughts and prayers. I love this work with all of my heart. I know I am where I need to be, and I have never ever been happier.

Sister Missy Hutchison

17 MONTHS!!!! So crazy

Rain pic!

our junk food... 

NOM Olmpics! (worked off the junk food)

Pioneer statues!! 

Found myself a Boyfriend! 

Running with the girls

My mission!!! Pioneers + Nebraska!



two places at once! 


this one is important because I will never be able to jump this high again.