Monday, January 18, 2016

Machine Guns, Harry Potter, and Miracles

January 18, 2016

Hello Everyone!!

I had a great week this week, as usual. Today I am going to spend most of my P-day packing up my apartment because we are FINALLY moving into a new one on Thursday. So that will be fun! I like where we are living now, though. It's really sketchy and exciting. The other day a street was blocked next to our house, and there were about 15 cop cars. We drove past to get a better look, and there are tons of cops huddled behind the cars with huge machine guns, pointing them at a house, and yelling stuff out of a mega-phone. It was awesome!! I still have no idea what was going on.... Oh well.

Since we are moving soon, PLEASE start sending letters to the Trail Center. Don't send them to the mission office. Chances are, I wont get them or I wont see them for about 3 weeks after I get them. The Trail Center address is:
 3215 State Street, Omaha, NE. 68112

So before I get spiritual, I need to tell you my embarrassing story of the week. (I tend to have quite a few because I am an awkward person in general). But, a nice, shy family fed us dinner this week. After dinner, we shared a message with them about sharing the gospel. During the message the spirit was strong and I was bearing my testimony. I started to talk about how much Heavenly Father loves each and every single one of us, and I accidentally said "Heavenly Potter". Yeah... So that happened. Sister Brower instantly started to laugh super hard, and my face turned bright red. The members didn't even laugh, which made it even more awkward, and made Sister Brower laugh harder. Speaking of which, RIP Alan Rickman. I just about bawled when I heard he died. You are the best Severus Snape ever, and I hope to have the privilege of doing your temple work one day. (lol, I had to pay a tribute)

Courtney, our investigator, is doing amazing. She is golden. We commit her to do things, and then she tells us she has already been doing them!! She reads conference talks every single day (and makes her kids listen to them if they are being rowdy), she has all of the LDS apps on her phone, and she is so close to the spirit. We see her quite a few times during the week, and I wouldn't have it any other way. She brings her boys to church every Sunday, and she already volunteered to help with so many things in Relief Society. She isn't even a member yet, but she is on fire! Keep her in your thoughts and prayers. :)

I love you all so much, and I hope you have a good week! Have a good Martin Luther King day. :)

Sister Missy Hutchison

ps. no pics this week, I always forget. But the temperature high yesterday was 0.

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