Monday, March 7, 2016


March 7, 2016

Hello Family and Friends,

Honestly, I had an insane week this week. But it went by super quick! The good news is, I woke up this morning, walked out of my apartment at 8:00, and it was 60 degrees!!!!!! It was amazing. The humidity is definitely noticeable, but who the heck cares? IT IS WARM.

Before I tell you about my week... CONGRATS ASHLEY AND ROSS ON HAVING THEIR SWEET BABY. I am happy to have another nephew. I already love baby Paxton so much. When I heard about him being born, I just about had a panic attack at the Trail Center.. No big deal.

Like I said, this week was crazy. It was non-stop. We were at the Trail Center quite a bit, and when we weren't at the Trail Center, we had 1000 things planned. But, busy is best :) Something awesome that happened this week though was we got to go to the temple with Courtney!!! She went to do baptisms. When we got there, the temple workers asked Sister Hall and I if we wanted to be temple workers that night for the baptismal font. It was the neatest thing. It was amazing being so close as Courtney was doing baptisms, and then being able to wrap the towel around her after. It was so special. Afterwards, Courtney could not stop smiling and kept saying, "I want to do this everyday!!!!!". It was such a great experience.

We also went to try a referral this week. Her name is Brittany. She seems pretty great! We were only able to talk to her briefly, but she is so willing to learn! While we were trying her, it was night time and we were honestly in one of the worst areas of town you could be in. But, we were kind of clueless and went to knock some doors because we had some time. We knocked on the happiest looking door we could find. It resulted in the old man that answered, telling us we need to get out of the neighborhood now because it was not a place we should be at that time. So that was sketchy. We kind of ran back to our car and realized a creepy guy across the street had been staring at us the whole time through his screen door. So yup! That's fun.

At the TC, we are allowed to online chat with those who have questions about our religion. We took a chat the other day with this awesome girl. She is from Texas, and she drove past a temple and just felt something special. She felt prompted to find out more, so she came on chat and we had an awesome discussion. She is so prepared. :) She said she is not ready for local missionaries yet, but we sent her a Book of Mormon and we are starting to teach her online.

I am going to have another crazy week this week as well, so be ready!! I hope you all have a fun, safe week. You will be in my prayers. :)

Sister Missy Hutchison

The temple with Courtney :)

Some lady came into the Trail Center and dropped this HUGE box of donuts for the Sisters.

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