Monday, December 19, 2016

-9 degrees...!!!

December 19, 2016

Hey fam and friends!!

It was another great week in Nebraska :) It has been SO DANG COLD, though. My subject line says it all. As we were driving to church in the morning, the temperature literally said -9 degrees. I couldn't believe my eyes.

Since it has been so cold, me and a few of the Sisters wanted to boil water and throw it outside to see if it would freeze! So, I had the pot of boiling water and threw it... on myself...... The part that didn't get on me froze and it was pretty cool. It spilled all over my hand. At first it didn't hurt, and I was like "WOW SCIENCE. IT WAS TOO COLD OUTSIDE TO EVEN BURN ME." But, about 10 minutes later I started to feel it.. Oh, I felt it alright. My hand burned SO. BADLY. I had to sleep with pounds of Aloe and an ice pack on my hand. It feels okay now, but my hand has some good burn marks. Dumb move made by me. I own up to my idiotic attempt.

I want to share a cool miracles that Sister Hall and I had this week. Last Monday, we didn't have any appointments, and so we had a few people we wanted to try and contact! We felt strongly that we needed to go try a former investigator named Bijou. So, we drove on over to her house and it looked pretty abandoned. We tried knocking anyways but nobody answered. We figured we were sent to her area for a reason, so we went and knocked on the door across from her! A nice woman answered the door whom who talked to for a while. She invited us back and when we asked her for her name, she said "Bijou". It was such a miracle! The previous missionaries wrote down her address wrong, but obviously we were meant to find her again. :) Then, Bijou gave us like 6 referrals. The first referral we contacted was a young man named James. Even though it was like 0 degrees he stepped outside and let us teach him the whole message of the restoration. He told us he grew up catholic, but the catholic church never answered his questions. The spirit was so strong as we were able to testify to him about how we know The Book of Mormon will answer any question he has. It was such a neat experience. I love missionary work.

Sister Hall and I were able to train at the Omaha Zone's Zone Training this week. It went really well! I think all of the messages were received well, and we were able to train by the spirit. :) I think I say this every time I train, but I love training! Being a Sister Training Leader is such an incredible opportunity, and I love every second of it.

We were able to take the Kanesville Sisters on exchanges this week. I was with Sister Young, and it was a lot of fun. It started out super awesome! We met this woman named LaJohna, and she was super interested. We were able to teach her the full message of the restoration, and she listened intently! Afterwards, I asked her if it would be okay if we kept daily contact with her, and she said "Of Course!". So, she gave us her number and as we were walking away, she yelled "don't forget to text me!!" to us. It was cool :) But then, the exchange got crazy! There was an ice storm, and our dinner appointment lives in a mansion, so their driveway was about a mile long and steep.. So, they came to pick us up because our 2017 Malibu wouldn't get too far up that driveway. As we were there, the power went out throughout the whole city. So we were stuck there for a while, also because our cars were now grounded! We sang Christmas songs and had a good time with all the flashlights haha. After about an hour, the lights came back on, and it turned into a wonderful object lesson about the light of Christ LOL.

I was able to sing at a missionary musical fireside last night! It was so fun, and all centered on Christ, and this Christmas season. You could cut the spirit with a knife! I am so grateful I get so many opportunities to bear my testimony with others through song.

I am excited for Christmas, and for an extra chance to reflect on my Savior. I would just invite you all to watch this video sometime this week: It is such a great video, and I have watched it many times these past couple of weeks! I cry every time :) I love my Savior so much, and am grateful of the strong relationship I am developing with Him. I know that God sent us His Only Begotten Son because He loves us. Christ is truly the best gift of all, and I am grateful for the opportunity I have to exercise His Atonement daily. I pray you all feel the same. :) Have a Merry Christmas!!

Sister Missy Hutchison

my lovely Omaha Zone!! 

we tried to look cute but instead it looked like little flurries in front of our faces!

This one is better

I SAW COURTNEY THIS WEEK. She informed me she is going through the temple in the spring and wants me to be there. She makes my whole mission worth it <3 I love her! I can't believe I was teaching her a year ago from right now.


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