Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Music, Rain, and Miracles

December 14, 2015

Hello Friends and Family!!

This week was a long, but pretty great week!! Lets start with Zone Conference that was on Tuesday. So, me, Sister Brower, and a few other Trail Center sisters were the lucky ones chosen to go to the Sioux City Zone conference on Tuesday. They have to have people go to that one because if we didn't, they wouldn't have anyone on shift on the day of our actual Zone Conference. So we had to be at the mission office at 6 in the morning.. Woof. The drive was about an hour and a half long, but it was fun. We took the transfer van and it was a party. But it was an awesome Zone Conference all about the Savior. After that, there was a mini-Christmas talent show! Me and all of the Trail Center sisters did a dance where we taped glow sticks in the shape of a stick figure on our bodies, then turned off all of the lights. It was so fun, and it wasn't embarrassing because nobody knew us in Sioux City anyways!! But, Sister Brower and I did do a musical number as well. She is an amazing pianist, so she played and I sang "O, Holy Night". It was so fun.

Wednesday we were on shift at the Trail Center ALL DAY. But it was okay!! It wasn't bad at all. I actually got to sing for a tour that I took, and that was one of my goals that day! Sometimes music can bring the spirit on a tour when nothing else can.

Sister Brower and I actually set someone for baptism this week! It is this woman named Mel, and we gave her a church tour. As we were in the Chapel, Sister Brower out of the blue said "Sister Hutchison is going to sing Nearer My God To Thee for you, and I am going to play." That wasn't part of the lesson plan, but it worked out so wonderfully. The spirit was so strong as we started talking about the Sacrament. Then, Sister Brower gave me a look that said "go ahead, ask her". So, I looked at Mel and asked her if she would be baptized. SHE SAID YES. Man, it was such a cool experience.

We almost hit a dog this week... It just kind of ran in front of our car. After both of Sister Brower and I were done screaming I kind of jumped out of the car and scooped the dog up. I told Sister Brower I wouldn't be able to sleep or eat for the rest of my mission if I let that dog keep roaming, not knowing what would happen to it. So, we walked around to all the houses on the block, and luckily we found where it belonged. PHEW.

The ward Christmas party was on Saturday, and it was so much fun. It was a breakfast thing, and the food was so good. Santa even showed up too!!! But then on Sunday, Sister Brower did our musical number for Sacrament meeting. So it was definitely a week full of singing, but I wish every week was like that!!!

Some of the Trail Center sisters are going home this week. It makes me so sad!!!! I have gotten close to everyone so much already. But, I know that they will be doing amazing things when they get home :)

It has seriously been raining for like 3 days straight. It's crazy!!!

Alright, I think I talked your ear off a little too much. I miss and love you all so much. Thanks for everything!!! God be with you till we meet again!

Sister Hutchison

pic 1: Santa. duh.

pic 2: Our favorite Elder in our ward that is leaving this week. SO bummed about it. He's awesome.

pic 3: A cool tour Sister Brower and I took this week. They weren't members, but agreed that if they knew the Book of Mormon was true, they'd be baptized!

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