Wednesday, December 23, 2015

My Family's in Utah, and I'm in New York? (Nebraska)

December 21, 2015

Hellllllllooo from NE,

If you didn't understand the subject of my email today, shame on you. Just kidding, it's from Home Alone 2. So my family better have gotten my reference.

This week has been a good week, like usual. It was transfer week! Sister Brower and I were not changed though, so I am very happy :) But, we received new missionaries last week! I am not the newest anymore! Woot woot!! It was fun, Sister Brower and I got to take two of the new sisters out proselyting for their first time. We split up in a neighborhood and tracted. It was fun teaching someone how to do it, because that was me about 7 weeks ago!

Another fun thing with transfers... Since it is Sister Brower's very last transfer, she isn't allowed to drive. It is a weird mission rule. They think if it's your last transfer you might get a little rebellious on the road. But I get to drive now!! It was weird being behind the wheel again, but I love it! It's fun and weird driving in a different state.

Last week was full of tender mercies. Want to know why? I SAW 4 GOLDEN DOODLES. None of them are as cute as Charlie, but my heart ached a little bit when I saw them. I may have seen 4 of them, but sadly, I only got to play with 2 of them. That's okay though, I got my puppy-love fill for the week. (One of them was a black golden doodle. It was so cute!)

This week Sister Brower and I haven't had a lot of people to teach, so it became kind of discouraging. But, we called one of the Senior Couples and asked for blessings of comfort. Those blessings were so sweet, and exactly what we needed.

Christmas is this week! AHHH! The members have already given us so many presents and treats. So don't worry, I am being treated well. We will be spending Christmas Eve at the Trail Center having a dinner and a program that the Senior Couples came up with. Then on Christmas, we are spending pretty much all day at different members' homes. (For my family: I emailed mom the time I will be facetiming, so you can all figure it out from her)

I love you all so much. Thanks for all of the love I receive in my inbox each week!!!! I can't wait to hear how all of your Christmas's went!! AND I CANT WAIT TO SEE MY FAMILY THIS WEEK. IM FREAKING OUT HERE.

Sister Hutchison

The new missionaries we took out. The one next to me, Sister Parcens, is the one I took out! She is also going to the Trail Center. 

We did service at a member's home :) we made homemade donuts! 

We had another ward party. I am definitely in a party ward!

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