Monday, April 11, 2016

Service, Soreness, and Bashed

April 11, 2016

Hello Everyone!!

Another good week was had here in Omaha, Nebraska. (Every time I use the word "Omaha", I think of Justin Bieber's forever old song called "Omaha Mall". No, don't look it up. It's terrible and you'll hate it.)

I don't exactly know where to begin! I'll start with the "service" part of my subject line. As a zone, we go to a park every week for service! I told you about the super cold park last week. This week, the park we went to was so small that we actually cleaned 3 parks! I am sure people that drove past thought we were a bunch of juvenile delinquents with our "garbage picker uppers".  No shame, though. It was so fun. One park had Tennis Courts, so I started singing the tennis courts song by Lorde. Only a couple people understood what I was talking about.. Those peasants.

The "Soreness" part of my subject line was the Missionary Olympics!! After Zone Training this week, we had the Olympics. Sister Hall and I made matching shirts and everything. They just had a few different competitions that we were able to compete in. BTW, I totally won the push-up competition. A few girls in my zone used to be Cheerleaders, so we even through up some stunts!! (nothing to crazy.. Don't worry) I've still got it!! Sorta.. A little shaky. I can still do a round-off back-tuck though. Which is surprising considering the extra 10 pounds on my body. But yes, I am sore.

Sister Hall and I had an interesting encounter this week. This is the "bash" part of the subject line. This woman we met told us we could come back on Saturday afternoon, so we were excited that she made an appointment. We prepared a lesson and everything. She was a Former Investigator, and her progress record said she was very aware of the Bible, so Sister Hall and I studied how the Bible and Book of Mormon support each other in Preach my Gospel. As soon as we were walking to her door, a big pit all of the sudden came into my stomach and I felt kind of queasy. But, we continued to visit her. I now understand how the spirit tells me not to go somewhere. She had no intent of learning more. She was just interested in trying to Bible Bash us, for 2 hours. Her home definitely had an evil feeling about it, and she was trying to disprove everything we said. But, because Sister Hall and I studied for her, we were able to speak by the spirit. It was incredible. The things we said to her, and the way we responded to her accusations were definitely not our words. The spirit filled our mouths, and we testified of what we know to be true. My testimony grew so much about why we properly prepare and study for lessons. I know if we would have just thought we'd be okay with the pamphlet alone, the Lord would not have blessed us. Although she told us she "would not read the Book of Mormon with a sincere heart", she did say she would read it. That was a miracle in itself. So that was my first, real, bible bash experience!! I found out really quick how nervous I was afterwards when I finally took off my jacket and saw some gross sweat marks. Yum.

That was pretty much our week!! We also found a couple new investigators, which is exciting. It is a mom and her 15 year old  daughter.

I hope you all have a good week!! I love you!

Sister Hutchison

ps. Lots of pictures.

Matching shirts 

Stuntin' is a habit

Sister Cope has been out 6 months, and I have been out 5!

Chillin at the trail center (taken from Sister Cope's phone)

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