Monday, June 13, 2016


June 13, 2016

Hello Family and Friends!!

Wow, it was a good week! I think.. I can't really remember. It was all a blurr! It feels like Preparation Day was  yesterday. This mission needs to slow down!!

Sister Firth and I were brave and tracted in the heat this week (like 100 degrees, 70% humidity). We saw a cool miracle! We actual saw the miracle as soon as we left our apartment at 10:00am! So, as we were in the parking lot of our complex, getting ready to hop in the car, there was a man walking by! I yelled "Hi" to him, and he walked right up to us. He stared at my nametag for a little bit, and then asked which church we were from. I told him about the church, and he asked for the address.  We were able to teach him the Message of the Restoration, give him a Book of Mormon, the address to the church, and we received his phone number! We are excited to start teaching him. Even though we tracted for 3 more hours after that and no one accepted us, we are still happy the first one we talked to did. Miracles :)

We have been at the Trail Center quite a bit this week, which is fantastic! The Trail Center is such a sacred place. I am so blessed to serve there. This week, a tour came in that was about 17 teenagers. The man in charge of the group came in first, and asked me to focus the tour on sacrifice. I'm not going to lie, the teenagers came in kind of grumpy! They weren't answering too many questions and they didn't seem too interested in the Trail Center. But, as we got to the memorial room, tears filled their eyes when they heard about the Pioneers' sacrifice. When they left the Trail Center, I could tell their hearts were touched, and they were determined to go home better people then they were when they got there. It is amazing seeing the spirit work on people.

We had a cool lesson with a Less-Active this week. Her name is Rosa, and she just barely started to let us visit with her. She was baptized because her boyfriend was (a long time ago), and doesn't remember anything about the church. We planned a big lesson on the plan of Salvation, but didn't use any of it. it was cool how the spirit just worked on her, and us! She asked so many questions we were able to answer for her. The lesson was the most random/scattered lesson I have ever been apart of! But, it was exactly what she needed. She even agreed to read the Book of Mormon!  Heavenly Father sure blesses us when we show him we care, and plan a big lesson. :)

To start off Preparation day this morning, we were able to clean the temple. I haven't been to the temple for a long time, so even though I wasn't doing a session or anything, it still felt so good to be there. We were able to clean pretty much all of it, and go in every single room. It was so peaceful there. Even though I was in white scrubs, and there were the constant sounds of vacuums, it was the most peaceful I have felt in a long time. I am deciding whether I should just NOT have a wedding reception and get married in the Winter Quarters, that way we can spend that money to ship the family to Nebraska, or if I should get married in Utah and use the money for a reception... Oh well, I have 10 years to think about it. I just love the Winter Quarters temple so much. Definitely the prettiest temple in the world.

I hope you have a great week! I love all of you, and you are all in my prayers.

Sister Missy Hutchison

Exchanges a couple weeks ago.. I forgot to send this and I like this picture haha 

Zone Training this week!

Zone Training again! I love these Sisters!!

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