Monday, June 20, 2016

Transfers, Fireflies, Miracles and Drunks

June 20, 2016

Hello Family and Friends!!

Wow, this week was kind of a crazy week. No, it wasn't kind of a crazy week. It WAS a crazy week.

First of all, transfers were this week! I didn't get transferred, but Sister Firth did! So, I have a new companion! Her name is Sister Slater, she only has 2 transfers left, and I LOVE HER. We get along and work together so well. We were already friends before we were companions, but we are quickly turning into best friends and we are seeing so many miracles together! This transfer is going to be so fun :)

Sister Slater does this thing where every night, she writes down the highlight of her day. So, I have been trying to do that, in addition to writing in my journal! I thought I would share them with you! Some of them are sillier than others, so just bear with me.

Well, the highlight of Wednesday was transfers. I feel awkward sharing the highlight of my day on Thursday over group email.. If you want to know, personally email me.. haha. So I will start with Firday!! Slater and I had an encounter with some drunk painters, so that was fun. We were actually trying to see a less-active member, but him and his friends were all outside painting his house, drunk (interesting combo). We started to teach them the restoration and they tried to bible bash us for a while. But, we kept on going. They kept on trying to tell us that EVERYONE had the priesthood. After bearing our testimonies and asking some inspired questions, their hearts softened. They ended up pulling the "we really respect you ladies for doing what you do", and accepted one of our cards. After that, Sister Slater and I were pretty much dripping sweat because of the 110 degree weather, so we rewarded ourselves with frozen lemonade from Sonic. #highlight Also, that night We were teaching a woman in our ward, and in the middle of our lesson, her friend, Emma, walked in. We asked her if she wanted to join, and she did! We talked about Jesus Christ, and how he helps us through our trials. She opened up to us, telling us how Christ helped her through her lung surgery when she had a lung infection. We asked if we could set up an appointment to teach her more, and she said yes! We also invited her to church, and she said yes to that as well. So she came to church this Sunday and loved it. She asked if she could meet with us twice this week instead of once, so we said "of course!". We are so excited to start meeting with her. She is so special, and we just know how much the gospel will change her life. We are excited to set her for baptism. :) ALSO, at the end of talking to her the first time, another friend walked in the door, and was interested as well! #anotherhighlight

The highlight of Saturday was an online chat we took at the Trail Center! His name is David, and he originally came on asking us why we don't drink tea or coffee. We asked if we could call him, so we did. We didn't talk end up talking about tea or coffee at all! We taught the restoration, and he asked US  if we "could send people to his house to teach him more". It was so cool. At the end of the phone call, we said a prayer with him. He told us he had never felt that peace in a long time. #highlight

Sunday was a good day! Sister Slater and I taught Relief Society on re-activating less-actives. It went well! My highlight moment was meeting Jim! He is a 17 year old boy that we started to talk to outside. He was super open and so prepared. We are hoping to meet with him this week. :) While talking to him, there was literally a guy on crack behind us. LITERALLY on crack. Let me explain what he was doing : rubbing his bare chest on ever wooden pillar he could find, slithering on a table like a snake, chanting "holy bible" under his breath while body-rolling, dancing, and flapping his "wings". It took all I had not to crack up while teaching Jim. I could feel my mouth twitching the whole time. Sister Slater and I just about died of laughter as soon as we got in the car. Jim + Guy on Crack = #highlight.

Tomorrow is my 8 month mark on the mission!! Crazy right! I am almost halfway! Also, the fireflies have started to come out every night. It is so beautiful! Despite the constant 100 degrees and humidity, Nebraska is so beautiful. Wow. I love my mission.

Sister Missy Hutchison

Transfer point! Me and Sister Slater 

We hate/love how cheesy this is 

8 months with the Nebrasquad!! 

Sister Parsons came out the transfer after us, but she came out all by herself! So we let her take a pic with the group :)

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