Monday, June 27, 2016

Summer and Snowcones

June 27, 2016

Hello Family and Friends!!

Another great week here in Nebraska :) I mean, of course it is great!! When you are doing what the Lord has asked you to do, no matter how hard it may be, He will always bless you and make everything worth it. :)

I always feel kind of jumbled, I am just going to kind of do what I did last week, and go through each day of the week, telling you my favorite part!

Last Monday, a sweet couple in our ward took Sister Slater and I to get Thai food. Awe man, oh how I've missed Thai food. Yes, I did get the yellow curry, thanks for asking.

On Tuesday we had a good lesson with our investigator, Emma. She is so sweet, but suffers with some depression. The ward is being super sweet with her, making sure she is feeling loved, so that's good! She has been kind of hard to get in contact with, but she went out of her way and made an appointment with the Bishop, and told HIM she wants to get baptized. We are hoping to get in touch with her and see her this week so she can tell US that. Haha. We also had to drop our other investigator, Tammy, on Tuesday. We asked what her expectations of our visits were, and she pretty much told us that she likes us coming over because we are her only social life. When we asked her if she could ever see herself joining the church, she said "Doubt it". So, that's that.

Wednesday was kind of crazy, but my favorite part of that day was a tour I took at the Trail Center. They were a super happy family, that loved every second of Winter Quarters. We were able to just sit together, and chat like old friends, and share experiences. Those are my favorite tours. Seriously, every tour I have been taking lately have been from Utah. I should just bring letters to the Trail Center and make my tours take them home for me.

I am sure Thursday was great, but I cant remember what I did that day... Haha :) But Friday was an adventure. We were non-stop, all day long. But, we had an appointment with our other investigator, Edwin, that day! We met him in the parking lot of our complex, and he was interested right off the bat. So, we gave him our number and he gave us his. We kept trying to contact him, but couldn't. Last week, Sister Slater and I went out to the car and saw a note on our windshield. It said: "Hey, It's Edwin. I want to learn about the Gospel. Please call me." It was a different number than he gave us the first time. So, we called the number, and it was him! So Friday we had our appointment with him. It went really well! We soft-set him for baptism, and we have an appointment with him again tomorrow.

On Saturday, someone that Sister Slater taught in her last area got baptized! So, we went to that, and it was so sweet. Afterwards, there was a shaved ice truck right outside the church giving free snowcones. It was awesome, and so delicious.

Yesterday was Sunday, so obviously it was great!! I love being able to be at church and partake of the Sacrament. It really refreshes me, and gets me ready for the week to come.

I am still loving my mission, loving Bennington, and loving my companion! We are best friends, so that makes everything a more fun! :) We are working on not quoting the Office and Harry Potter 24/7.. Hasn't worked out too well. It will get there.  I hope you all have a great week!!! I love you!

Sister Missy Hutchison

Straight outta THE GOOD LIFE. This kind of just happened. 

A cute member of our ward made us these head things, so of course we took pics. This is probably one of my favorite pictures ever.

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