Monday, August 15, 2016

Another Week Passed

August 15, 2016

Hello Family and Friends!!

Wow, it is Monday again!! Kids in Omaha started school last week, and that was insane to me. I cannot believe the summer is pretty much over. I am not much more tan, but I am ready for the heat to calm down! If you are curious, no, people don't let you in their houses if it is over 100 degrees. They just want you to leave so they can shut the door. Haha. :)

This week was kind of a blurr, so this email may be a little short!!!! But something that happened this week was Zone Conference!! I always love Zone Conference. Then, we all played baseball afterwards together! It was so fun. I actually hit the ball when it was my turn to bat! I was so proud of myself!

I feel like this week we didn't see too many different people. Our investigators all didn't make it to church, which is a bummer. But, we had 2 returning members yesterday! It was such a neat experience. While they were in church, you could truly see a difference in their eyes. One of them, her name is Nadine, and she was kind of standoffish. But, as she is coming back to church, she is so excited about the gospel. It is neat to see her change. The other less active is a woman named Karen. She has PTSD, so it makes it really hard for her to leave her house. But, each day of last week she did things to prepare herself to make it to church. She said she was having a hard time on Sunday morning, but she said a prayer and was able to walk out the door. It was a miracle! She even made sure to let us know that we can expect her at church again next week. Even though our investigators weren't there, less-actives were. The whole idea is to get people to the temple, so whether it is an investigator at church or a less-active, they are both rewarding and important in the eyes of our Heavenly Father.

I was at the Trail Center quite a bit this week. I met a super cute couple, on the way to their mission! They were from Murray, too! The older man worked at Viewmont AND Riverview. Such a small world!

Anyways, I love you all! I hope you have a fantastic week this week :) You are in my prayers!!!

" And Joshua said unto the people, Sanctify yourselves: for to morrow the Lord will do wonders among you." - Joshua 3:5

Sister Missy Hutchison

The sisters I serve with got in the habit of calling me "Hutch", so of course I had to get a picture with this store. 

On our way home from service, we saw this because of the Swim Trials were held here. 

Nebraska's nature

We love when balloon artist come into the TC

Sister Chappell and I are true baseball players


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