Monday, September 19, 2016


September 19, 2016

Dear Family and Friends,

Hello!!I had another good week here in Nebraska :)I feel like everything has been super crazy this week,and that this week went by very quickly!

I was able to take Sister Firth on exchanges this week! It was fun being able to spend the day with her, and see how much we have both grown since we have been companions a few transfers ago. I was able to in her area,which is in Council Bluffs, Iowa.It is a lot different than Omaha, but so much fun. :)

Something else fun that happened this week was Zone Conference! Elder Falebella, of the 70, came to train us. It was soooo good! I just love Zone Conferences. You are always on such a spiritual high afterwards, and so pumped to get out and work.

Sister Orton's birthday was this week, too! We celebrated a lot, and had a big combined birthday dinner with us and Sister Cope. Orton's was the 17th, mine is the 22nd, and Sister Cope's is the 29th!  So, it all worked out.:)

Sister Orton and I found a potential family to teach yesterday! We were praying to find one,and then as we got out of the car,there was a family having a big party right outside. We felt super awkward because we didn't want to interrupt their party.. But.. We quickly realized that we prayed specifically for a family, and there they were!So, we went and talked to them. We talked to the mom, Maria, the most! They ended up turning off the booming music just as we were teaching the Restoration. After the first vision, Maria looked at us and said "That's so beautiful". She said we can come back and teach her and her family, so we are excited to start working with them.

We had Stake Conference this week! It was way good. President and Sister Gardner spoke,along with Elder Falebella and his wife. All of the talks were so inspired and spiritual. My mission has really made me appreciate Stake Conference.:)

Yesterday, Omaha had another "Missionary Musical Fireside" that I was able to participate in. During the program, many converts were asked to bear their testimonies. All of the sudden, I see Courtney, mine and Sister Brower's amazing convert, stand up and walk to the pulpet. She just grabbed me and hugged me in front of everyone and we just cried together because it has been so long since we have seen each other. She bore such a powerful testimony about how the Gospel has blessed her family. If I receive no other baptisms the rest of my mission, hers would still make my mission 100% fulfilled. I love her so much.

Again, it was such a good week!! But, honestly, when you are doing the work of the Lord, it's ALWAYS a good week. Thanks for all of your love and support! I am expecting a lot of Birthday cards this week! Just kidding... Kind of.;) I am enjoying my last few days of being a teenager! HAVE A GOOD WEEK :)

Sister Missy Hutchison

Sister Firth and I on exchanges!

When Sisters call us at at 9:30pm because they realized they left their phone at the Trail Center after shift, this is how we look when we pick it up for them. 

Sister Orton and I in front of our house. "The Craig House"

from the partay

Birthday girls haha

FINALLY saw Courtney <3

everyone looks super terrible in this pic, but all of the elders look priceless haha.

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