Monday, September 26, 2016

Birthdays/11 Months/Crystal

September 26, 2016

Hello Fam and Friends!!!

Wow. It was a full week here in Nebraska!! Words cannot even explain how much I love this mission, the missionaries I serve with, and the Lord's work.

I will start with talking about my Birthday!! It was such a fun day :) I feel so spoiled by everyone both at home and here on the mission. Everyone went out of their way to make me feel so loved. I received lots of cute gifts from the sisters I serve with, cards from the senior couples, a birthday rap from the Assistants, and love from members! Thank you to everyone at home who sent me such wonderful gifts and cards. On my birthday I was on shift at the Trail Center that morning/afternoon. The senior couple on shift bought everyone pizza, and so we had a little party. :) Courtney even came to visit me at the Trail Center too!! Then, I went to do some service at the health clinic where we volunteer! Usually, after the clinic, we go and have a nice dinner! But... The clinic went way long, so we didn't get out of there till about 8:15! Wanna know what we did? We went and got double cheeseburgers from Mcdonalds. Best Bday dinner ever!! It was honestly such a great day. I am tempted to stay in Nebraska until after my next Birthday! It's home to me :) It is super crazy to think I am 20! So old!!

We had a cool service opportunity last week! We were able to help clean all of the crystal inside the temple. They had special cleaner and wipes we had to use. It was neat having to clean the crystal one by one on all of the chandeliers.

Sister Orton and I had a weird experience this week! We received a media referral, and so we called her to confirm that she wanted us to stop by! She said she couldn't wait for our message and that SHE had a message for US. That was kind of sketchy, but we just went with it.. Yeah... Turns out she thinks her "body is a machine" and the "Christ is living inside of her, controlling her body". There are some crazy people in Nebraska, but that is why I love it.

Sister Orton and I have been seeing some miracles in our area lately! We have been receiving a lot of referrals and finding some solid potential investigators! We know that Heavenly Father truly loves us, and hears our prayers. We are in the process of trying to specifically find a family who is prepared for the restored gospel. If everyone could start praying for Sister Orton and I to find one, that would be amazing. We know families are out there, we just need to find them and teach them :)

We hit our 11 months last week!! Isn't that insane?? I cannot believe that I have almost been out 1 year. I still feel like a brand new missionary at times! I remember how I looked at the "older missionaries" when I first came out. It is weird to think that I am "one of the old ones" now. My mind cannot even handle how fast this is all going!!

I love you all! Again, thank you for all you do, and for all of the support I receive!! I am so happy here. Serving the Lord is true happiness. There is no other replacement. :)

" 1 The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? the Lord is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?"-Psalms 27:1

Sister Hutchison

When Courtney came to visit me!! So fun! 

a member fed us "grilled cheese french toast". My arteries clogged, but it was worth it. So good. 

the Haydens <3 a cute family that made our Birthdays special! 

thanks for the Birthday swag, mom. 

LOVE these Sisters

Sister Orton wanted to take a portrait of my face. Haha.  

Next month I'll get to use my hands.. 11 Months! 

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