Monday, October 24, 2016

"For the First Time in Forever.... Transfers Didn't Effect Me"

October 24, 2016

Hi Family and Friends!!!

Another great week has flown by here in Nebraska! I hope you all appreciated my "Frozen" referenced subject line. It was transfer week and literally for the first time since the beginning of May, transfers didn't do anything to me! Woot woot!! I am staying in the Winter Quarters Ward with Sister Orton :)

A lot of my week was dedicated to making the Trail Center Schedule for all of the Sisters, and helping the sisters get adjusted in their new areas. I love being able to help all of the sisters here as much as I do :) It is so rewarding!!

Last week, me and the Nebrasquad hit our 1 year as missionaries!!! It seriously feels like yesterday that I was laying in bed on the first night at the MTC, staring at the ceiling, thinking "what in the heck did I get myself into?" But let me tell you.. This mission that I have gotten myself into has been the best decision of my life. This past year has been so hard, but it has been so rewarding. I have never had this happiness before, and I know it is because the materialistic things do not matter anymore! All that matters is serving the Lord, and that is was true happiness is. Happiness is being able to see the gospel change another persons life. Happiness is coming to know that The Book of Mormon is true. Happiness is the knowing that we truly CAN have an eternal family. We are so blessed to have all of this knowledge!!! If you ever feel like you aren't truly happy, take a second and think about what you are doing with this beautiful knowledge of the gospel. Are you sharing it? Are you applying it? I can promise you that as you understand the importance and the seriousness of the gospel, you will feel that TRUE joy that Russell M. Nelson talked about in his recent conference talk.

Sister Orton and I were able to skype with some people from the Visitors Center department in Salt Lake last week! It was so cool! They were able to train us on some new things about Teaching Center, and then we were able to train the Sisters at the Trail Center about those things on Saturday! I love being able to learn new ways to improve. :)

Anyways, not too much to update you on this week! Since transfer week was wild, we didn't have much time to do a lot in our area! There was a ward Halloween party last week, and it was great! Sister Orton and I were able to meet more members of the ward. A less-active woman in our ward brought two of her non-member friends, and it was awesome! Sister Orton and I got to know them and we taught them the restoration. They asked a lot of great questions! By the end of our conversation, they both wanted copies of The Book of Mormon and wanted to meet with missionaries! They both aren't in our area, but it was still so amazing to teach them and to see their desire for truth. I love being a missionary!

Anyways, I hope you all have a good week! You are in my prayers. Thanks for all of the support :)

Sister Missy Hutchison

Fall is coming and going!!

Same ^


We had to get the finger one too, of course!

we get sick of taking smiling ones!

Dinner with Sister Cope

Running with the Dinosaur

This picture was an accident but it ended up pretty hipster so it's fine

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