Monday, November 28, 2016

Thanksgiving Success!!

November 28, 2016

Hey Family and Friends!!!

I hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving. From the looks of your emails, it sounds like you did! I had a great Thanksgiving, too. :) For lunch, we went over the the Doctor's house that we do service for every week, Dr. Fischer. It was a lot of fun :) And the food was so good! After that, we went and had a big dinner at the Trail Center. Since all of the Senior Couples had to be away from their families too, they all made a big dinner for all of us that serve at the Trail Center. It was so good!!! They did an old fashion country style Thanksgiving dinner, and I didn't want to stop eating it. THEN, we were all able to watch The Best Two Years, like we did last year. :) I never liked that movie before my mission, but it is a heck of a lot funnier as a missionary.

KALE IS GETTING BAPTIZED THIS WEEK!! We are so excited. His interview is today, and he is so ready. Kale actually had a seizure this week which led him to the hospital. He has been there for most of the week. He messed up his shoulder pretty badly, and we were a little worried that this would affect his baptism. But, yesterday we were able to go see him, which was awesome. As soon as we walked in the door, he immediately asked if he can still get baptized this week. We told him YES and got everything figured out. We are so excited for this baptism :) The members of the ward absolutely adore Kale. So many of them had gone to see him in the hospital, and it was so nice. Kale tells us all of the time that he has never had this many friends in his life. He loves the ward family so much and is excited to be apart of it. Since his shoulder is messed up, there will probably be like 3 men in the baptismal font to help him get immersed correctly without hurting him. It will be interesting, but it will be so great :)

I took a really cool tour at the Trail Center yesterday. This older couple from Iowa came in because they were curious as to what the Trail Center was, and they heard it was an awesome place! I showed them the pioneer video to start off the tour, and they LOVED it. After the video, I asked them if they had any questions (assuming it would be about the video). They said yes, and asked so many questions about the church, and what we believe. We were probably in the theater for 15 extra minutes just talking about the church. The amazing thing was, I knew how to answer every single one of their questions. Even though I didn't get sent to a mission that speaks a different language, the gift of tongues for me is the gift of the spirit, and understanding the gospel. Some of the questions they asked, I didn't even know that I knew the answer, but I did. It was so cool. I was able to teach them the whole entire restoration and the spirit was strong. They excitedly took a copy of The Book of Mormon, and were amazed as I read them Moroni's promise. They don't want local missionaries, but asked that I could continue teaching them online. I am excited for this :)

So... Transfers are on Wednesday!! I know Sister Orton is leaving me (SO SAD), and I know who my next companion is but.... President Gardner asked us not to tell anyone, because no one else in the mission knows. SO.... I will update you next week!

Thanks for all of the support you give me!! I love you all so much.

ps. Sorry for the picture overload

Sister Missy Hutchison

Members took us to the Zoo last week, and it was so fun!!


This one is for you, Dad. 

Still got it (just kidding, that actually hurt really bad haha)


Helping make Dinner! 

All the TC sisters on Thanksgiving :) Love them! 

Sister Orton and I enjoying our Taco Bell at the Kville Tab

Not the best picture, but 13 months!

I forgot to include this important picture from the Zoo

I almost forgot this very important picture. In honor of the new Harry Potter Movie.................. 

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