Monday, February 27, 2017

Tranfer Week! Woot Woot!

February 27, 2017

Hey fam and friends!!

It has been a crazy/great week :) Like my subject line said, it was transfer week! Transfer week is always the craziest, so sorry if I don't remember a lot of things that we did.

First of all, I got transferred!! I am now in a little branch called the Walnut Creek Branch with Sister Willmore :) Oh my goodness, I LOVE SISTER WILLMORE. We have so much fun together, and she is an amazing missionary. We definitely bond over Coca-Cola and Taco Bell. She is from Sandy, Utah! She has been out about 6 months :)  I am already loving this transfer. Not only do we cover a branch, but we also get to cover a ward called the Cottonwood Ward. So we basically have two areas, which is so fun! We never run out of places to find people to teach. :) I am loving my new area, though. All of the members are SO SWEET. I got transferred from the most sketchy/hood ward to the most Utah ward I could ask for. The transition is hilarious, but so fun. I love being able to walk around at night without being scared, haha. It is crazy to think I just have two transfers left.

Transfers were on Wednesday, so I have had a lot of time in my new area. We are working with a lot of great people. We are working with this cute family from Sudan. They are the sweetest, and so prepared for the gospel. The little kids tell us how good they feel when they read the Book of Mormon, and they are excited to come to church next week. One of the daughters said that she has read The Plan of Salvation pamphet "a hundred times", and that she knows it is true because "God wouldn't send us to lie to them". So precious, and so true at the same time.

We met this woman named Huong. She is from Vietnam, and she is so sweet. She let us right in her house. Missionaries actually live right across the hall from her!! She told us how she is Buddhist, but how she feels like she is coming to know Jesus Christ more. The missionaries have a picture of the Savior on their door, and she said that she "gets to know Jesus every day when she opens her door". It was cute! She told us that she would like her son to come to church, so they are planning on coming next week. So exciting :) This just shows how God is preparing His children.

Sister Willmore and I have taken so many great tours at the Trail Center lately. We also had a super cool phone call on Teaching Center! Some man called in, and the first thing he said was "How do I go about getting baptized??" We were shocked and chatted with him for a little bit, figuring out how this desire came to be. He told us he has many member friends, and he sees how happy their lives are. He sees their families and their attitudes, and knows that there is a certain light in them that he is missing. It was a cool phone call. It just testified to me that people truly are watching us, and paying attention to our actions. Our attitude and choices truly show how we let the Doctrine of Christ sink in our hearts.

This week I feel an overwhelming amount of gratitude for the Atonement. Oh my goodness, I love my Savior. When He suffered, I know He suffered specifically for me. There is a painting at the Trail Center of the Savior, and no matter where you are standing in the room, His eyes are always looking at you; the only time you wont see Him looking at you is when you are not looking at Him. I love that painting because it is SO TRUE. Jesus Christ is always there for us, and so willing to help us. The key is LETTING HIM help us. There is no mistake out of the Atonement's reach, and the Savior is always with us, asking us to partake of the gift that he has given us: the ability to repent and better ourselves. Our progression in God's plan never ever stops moving. If we aren't constantly increasing our relationship with the Savior, it is decreasing on it's own. I am so grateful for that gift that allows me to come closer to my Savior, and am grateful to use it every single day. :) I love being able to share this message of hope with all I come in contact with. I pray that we all may be able to use the Atonement for fully in our lives.

" 9 And the world, because of their iniquity, shall judge him to be a thing of naught; wherefore they scourge him, and he suffereth it; and they smite him, and he suffereth it. Yea, they spit upon him, and he suffereth it, because of his loving kindness and his long-suffering towards the children of men." 1 Nephi 19:9

I love you all! Have a good week!!


Sister Missy Hutchison

Me and Sis. Willmore!

love her!

self timer for the win!!

we already take a lot of pictures.. oh no. 

We all live in the same complex, so this is our family photo

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