Monday, February 6, 2017

It's Monday Again??

February 6, 2017

Hello Family and Friends :) 

It was a good week! It definitely went by crazy fast :) 

I want to start out by telling you a cool miracle that Sister Hall and I experienced this week. As we were out in our area, we came across this kind of crazy man. He was really nice, but we knew that we would have a hard time teaching him. So, we asked him for referrals, and he kind of mumbled, and mentioned that there was a Spanish family down the street that might listen to us. After we finished talking to him, we realized it was lunch time, so we were about to go home to eat, but then we felt like we should just try the Spanish family really quickly. So, we walked on over and realized that a Spanish family didn't live there, but we decided to knock on the door anyways! A woman named Justine answered the door, and she came right out to talk to us! Her first comment was "Are you guys Mormons?" Then we spoke for a little bit. She asked, "What differs you from other Christian religions?" We were happy to answer her question, so we asked if we could say a prayer with her to bring the spirit, before we answered! She said yes, and so we prayed right on her porch. In the prayer, we asked that Justine might be comforted with whatever she might be going through at this time of her life. As we closed the prayer, we opened our eyes to see that she was bawling. She apologized and said "I'm sorry.. It is just so amazing that you are here, and that you prayed for me. My boyfriend was killed in a car accident 3 weeks ago, and I want to know that he is okay." This gave us the perfect opportunity to testify of The Plan of Salvation. I think we really helped her that day, and she agreed to let us take her on tour of the Trail Center! We, hopefully, will be able to do that this week. 

We had our monthly Missionary Leadership Council last week! It was so fun :) I love being able to spend time with the other Sister Training Leaders and Zone Leaders from all over the mission. It is so much fun. All of the trainings were great, as well! I love learning from President and Sister Gardner. They are so inspired and teach me so much :) 

This week, Sister Hall and I got locked out of our house. So.. That was fun! We do not normally lock the door that leads into our garage, and some sisters that were studying at our house thought they were being cautious and locked it... So, we try to go home for a second and realize the doors are all locked, and that our key is inside!! It was kind of stressful, but turned out okay. One of the FM missionaries had a key, and he was able to come let us in at about 7:00pm. By this time, we were starving because we hadn't eaten dinner. Our dinner was in the crockpot..... Yeah, the  chicken was completely black and hard as a rock. So, Sister Hall and I looked at each other and just laughed because of how frustrating our day was. Then, we went and got Sonic. Sounds like a successful night to me! 

Our investigator, Chris, was finally able to make it to church on Sunday! He was progressing so well, until his mom passed away. That definitely put him on hold, which is understandable. But, he managed to make it to church. We promised him that if he went to church, that a question that he had would be answered. He walked in the last second and sat by us before the meeting started, so we were very happy! The spirit was so strong during testimony meeting, and next thing we know, Chris is up on the stand, waiting to bear his testimony!! The first thing he says is "I know this church is true, and I know that Joseph Smith is a prophet" then we bore a powerful testimony of the Plan of Salvation that made everyone's jaw drop. He let us know that he was sorry for stopping his progression, and that he wants to start preparing for his baptism again. The gospel truly does bless lives. 

I am so grateful to be a missionary!! I love this work so much :) It is the best thing I have ever done. 

Sister Missy Hutchison

me and a Senior Elder got talking about how we both love peanut M&M's, and the next day he surprised me with this 56 oz bag of them!! The senior couples are way too sweet to us sisters. I love Elder Tremayne! 

Me, Sister Church, and Sister Inokuchi at MLC :) 

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