Monday, February 20, 2017

Heat Wave!

February 20, 2017

Hello Family and Friends!!

Another quick week has come and gone  here in Nebraska! It was another warm week, as well. I think the high on Friday was like 75 degrees, so we weekly planned outside. I got a nice tan, so it was awesome :) The next few days are supposed to be waayyy nice, but then on Friday it is supposed to snow.. so.. #globalwarming

It was a great/busy week. I kind of felt like it was non-stop!I got pretty sick this week, which was a bummer. It started with an insanely swollen throat, then then it kind of felt like the flu. The mission nurse thought I had strep. But, it only lasted about 2 days, and then I felt fine! The only sad thing about it was I completely lost my voice. I was supposed to sing in Sacrament meeting yesterday but.. That definitely didn't happen.I was able to receive a blessing from President Gardner, and it was so cool because he promised me that my voice wouldn't hold me back from testifying of the Savior. Every time we were talking to someone, I was able squeak out my testimony. The church is so true :)  My voice is pretty much back now, but I sound like a 12 year old boy with the occasional squeak every now and then, but it is all good :)

Our investigator, Chris, is progressing like crazy!! He, all of the sudden, had a mighty change of heart. He has been having Word of Wisdom problems, and then he told us randomly that he was quitting Coffee starting today! He also has been living with his girlfriend for the past 7 years, and he called us a few days ago and said "I know I need to progress in the gospel. It has been a long time coming. I have moved out into my camper, and as soon as March hits and the camp sites open,I am going to move over there." The Lord's hand is so apparent in this marvelous work.

I think I have mentioned this, but Chris's mother has recently passed away. He invited us to the funeral, so we were able to go this weekend. It was very interesting being at a funeral full of individuals who didn't know about God's plan. It broke my heart seeing the misery, and hearing people say "I hope I will see her again" instead of "I know I will see her again". I am so grateful for the gospel.

I will talk about it more towards the end of my email, but, this week I am going to be transferred. So, I have said goodbye to some people in the Winter Quarters ward. One in particular who I've said goodbye to is Kale! He is still ON FIRE with the gospel. When I told him I was leaving, tears filled his eyes. He bore a powerful testimony of how the gospel has changed his life, and sincerely thanked me for being apart of his journey. It was such a testimony builder to me as to why I am here on a mission. I am here for moments like that. I love being able to see how powerfully the gospel impacts people. When I first met Kale, he was drinker, a smoker, and he swore like a sailor haha. But, I was there the day he threw away his cigarettes, and every time he swears, he instantly repents or he catches himself beforehand. He is so healthy and happy. He loves the gospel, and has a strong desire to serve. I love being a missionary.

Like I said, I am getting transferred on Wednesday. President Gardner has told me where I am going and who I will be with, but he trusts me not to tell anyone yet. So.. You will find out next week! But, I am very excited :)

I love you all! I hope you have a blessed week :)

Sister Missy Hutchison

It was our last District meeting as a district, and also Elder Jeppsons last district meeting ever. We were mourning. 

I wont be going to the clinic every week anymore :( So sad! Me, Dr. Fischer, and Marsha!

I love Kale!!!! 

Sister Cope is going home this week! So sad!!! We will miss her so much!!  (ps. I don't know why my lips look so red, I wasn't wearing lipstick. Aint nobody got time for that)

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