Monday, February 1, 2016


Hello Family and Friends!!

I don't even know how to explain my week. Wow.

Well, was my last week with Sister Brower. So, I am really sad. She leaves me tomorrow and goes home on Wednesday. For next few days I will be temporarily companions with a Sister whose companion also goes home, then we will get our official companions on Friday. I am nervous, but excited at the same time!!

This week we had a cool missionary musical fireside. Missionaries were able to sign up for a musical number, and lots of people came! Both members and non-members. It was awesome :) Sister Brower and I did a musical number as well. I sang and she played "Be Still, My Soul".

I know all of you are curious about Courtney. But no, she did not get baptized on Saturday.... But..... SHE IS GETTING BAPTIZED TONIGHT. IN LIKE 3 HOURS. We had amazing lessons with her this week, but she still was waiting for the reassurance from her husband. We had a strong impression she would be baptized, but we just had to trust the Lord. We knew even if it took a long time, she would be baptized eventually. They came to the musical fireside and loved it. Then on Saturday night they fed us dinner. During dinner, Courtney turned to her 9 year old son, Luca (whom we used to teach. He was set or baptism but didn't receive support from his dad), and she said "Luca, have you told the Sisters our news?" Luca then turned to us and said "Me and my mom are going to get baptized." SISTER BROWER AND I JUST ABOUT DIED. They were going to do it next Saturday, but since Sister Brower is leaving tomorrow, we got special permission to do it tonight while she is still here!!! I have had the butterflies all day long. Since her husband is a classical pianist, he is going to play some primary songs for us to sing at the baptism. Then, Courtney requested to hear "Be Still, My Soul" again at the baptism, because it's her favorite. As soon as we left their house that night we called President Gardner and just cried because we felt so blessed. He interviewed the both of them last night. Courtney walked out of the interview just in tears because she "was so happy". This is why I am on a mission. If she is the last baptism I have, I don't even care. Her and Luca are 100% worth it. Sister Brower and I have struggled quite a bit in our area, but now I know why. Heavenly Father was truly just testing our faith, to see if we were worthy of this miracle. I grew such a strong testimony about putting all of your trust in the Lord, and His timing.

Needless to say, I woke up this morning on Cloud 9. At Walmart they were playing James Taylor over the speakers and I couldn't help but smile, because I knew that was another sign that it would be a great day. I even saw my mom's perfume on a shelf and made sure to smell it, which made me even happier.

Well, I love you all so much. Sorry if my email is kind of scattered, my mind is kind of jumbled right now. I cant wait to hear from you all next week!!! I will make sure to give you all of the details and pictures of the baptism. :)

Sister Missy Hutchison

ps. I know you are all curious what Courtney looks like so here are some pics!! These were both taken on Saturday, after she told us she was getting baptized.

Me and Courtney. Ahhh I love her.

Us 3 under a beautiful picture of Christ that hangs in her house. Don't mind my mega-cheesy smile. That just explains how I was feeling in that moment.

an awesome member family we had dinner with, the Stouts :)

A guy in our ward and his father! We are starting to teach is father on Friday, he isn't a member and has Alzheimer's. He is the sweetest.

I look crazy, but Sis. Brower celebrated our happiness with Thai food.

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