Monday, May 23, 2016

7 Months??? Whaaaaat

May 23, 2016

Hello Family and Friends!!

Wow, another week that has gone by so quick. It needs to slow down so I can savor every moment of this wonderful mission!!!!

Where do I begin with the week I have had... I'll start with Tuesday!! So, Tuesday was super fun. It was Zone Conference, which is always such a special/spiritually uplifting experience. I love being gathered with so many missionaries, and being able to learn and grow together. Not to mention, I love hearing from President and Sister Gardner. They are always so close to the spirit, and say exactly what I need to hear. I was able to say the closing prayer, as well. After Zone Conference, we had the MISSION OLYMPICS. It was so dang fun. It is definitely a way to get the missionaries active, but it sure works. There were many different things we could do. I think I mentioned a few months ago how we had the mission Olympics, but that was just the try-outs. This was the real thing. I actually won something, though! I won the push-up competition! I did 45. I got a medal and everything. It was so fun. The rest of the day, President kept referring to me as "Sister Push-Ups".

I hit my 7 month mark this week!!! That is weird, right?? It is crazy to think that I will be home in less than a year. That will go by so fast! Of course, the Nebrasquad had to get a 7 month picture. I am not going to lie, the people in the apartment were having a fiesta (literally. I couldn't understand any of the Spanish they were yelling, nor the music they were playing) so I look very tired in that picture. But, all is well.

I am still liking my new area! I am getting used to it now, which is good! It is a weird feeling being in a new area. It felt like I was a brand new missionary again! But I am starting to create relationships with the members now, and getting the flow of the work ethic. It seriously just feels like I am in a Utah ward, so it is great. :)

The work is going fantastic. I was finally able to meet our busy investigator this week. She is so cute! So is probably mid-20's and is crazy beautiful. It makes me want to barf because she is so pretty. But, it is okay!! She used to be a member, but her records were lost so she probably has to get baptized again. Her husband is not a member, though. So we are working with them! She wants her family to be sealed, so hopefully things will start progressing more. Their names are Mandi and Adam. Keep them in your prayers! :)

Well, I forgot the paper I wrote on that has everything I wanted to share with you this week. So, hopefully I will remember it next week. But today, a couple other sisters are coming to our complex because we have a movie theater! So, we are going to watch a pioneer movie, write letters, and eat chocolate covered strawberries and pizza.I love you all so much. I hope you have a great week! :)

Sister Missy Hutchison

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