Monday, May 2, 2016


May 2, 2016

Hey Family and Friends!!

This week was another INSANE week. I felt like I couldn't breath half of the time, but it is okay because it went by quickly, and now I get to email all of you again!! :)

One reason it was so crazy, was because we did 4 (technically 5) service projects.. They were all great! Us and the Zone Leaders helped at the food pantry! We filled boxes full of beans, which was as exciting as it sounds, haha. It was fun, though! The food pantry workers were so grateful! We were there for about 3 hours. My special job was to make boxes. My hands were so dry afterwards! We also did a park clean-up with our zone. It was good! We just walked around, looking like juvenile delinquents, picking up trash. :) We helped clean the Florence Mill this week with a few of the Trail Center Sisters! It was so neat, and very historical. We were able to see a few of the original beams put up by the pioneers at Winter Quarters. The last service project we did was we helped a couple in our ward move. It took a couple days... That's why I said we technically did 5 service projects. They have a lot of stuff.. As we left, the woman we helped started to cry, telling us how grateful she was for all of our help. I love the feelings we receive as we serve others.

We totally had a tornado this week!!! We live like 2 minutes away from the mission office, so a senior couple called us when the sirens went off, and told us just to go there. So we hungout with office senior couples for a couple hours. It was so fun! The tornado was probably 3 miles away from us, and it eventually did touch the ground. But, it wasn't a bad one so no one was hurt. That's a blessing! :) Other than that, the weather has been okay! It rains like every day, but I am excited for it to get ever more green here than it already is. It is beautiful!

I feel like this week's email is really short! Whenever we weren't at the Trail Center, we were doing service, so I don't have much to tell you! Transfers are this week, and we find out about everything tomorrow. So, we will see what happens! I was told by my Sister Training Leader that "There is a very good chance you'll get transferred", so we'll have to see! God works in mysterious ways. If he wants me in Rockbrook for 6 more weeks, then there must be work I still have to do here. :) Which is fine, I LOVE ROCKBROOK.

I love you all! I am excited to Skype with my family is a week. :) Make sure the dog is nice and groomed for the camera. I miss Charlie.. And my family.. :) You're in my prayers. Have a good week!

Sister Missy Hutchison

a cool mural (is that how you spell it?) in Florence. S/O to the Tragedy at Winter Quarters statue.

All of the missionaries in the Rockbrook ward! :) (minus the senior couple)

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