Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Amazing AMAZING week

January 24, 2017

Hey Family and Friends!!

This week has been insane, but it has definitely been a great one :)

We got new Trail Center Directors this week, the Russells! They are super sweet, and I love them a lot. They definitely rely and me and Sister Hall a ton, so it is a lot of pressure! But, things are definitley going great.

I will kind of start off with a sadder note.. Teresa, the golden investigator we found last week, dropped off the face of the planet. We were pretty sad about that because we were trying our hardest to help her. Then our other investigator, Chris, experienced his mother passing away this week.. He is currently angry at God and hard to get ahold of. We had a day of discouragement and frustration because we have been working so hard, but nothing was working out. But, we have seen the Lord's hand immensley this week.

I will start by sharing jus a FEW of the miracles we saw this week. It started off with a lesson with one of our less-actives, her name is Rose. We felt like we needed to help her feel peace from the Savior. So, we changed our lesson in the car, right before we went inside. We decided to talk about Peter walking on the water, and connecting it to how we need to focus on Christ through our trials. We shared the Bible video with her to start, and then she stopped us. She said "I have been thinking about this story all week. I know that the Lord is trying to tell me that I need to focus my life more fully on the Savior". She took the words right out of our mouth. It was amazing. Then, we had another appointment with a less-active woman named Sue-Z. She has very bad health issues, and loves our visits. We brought an awesome member in our ward! During the lesson, Alma 26:27 randomly popped into my mind. It didn't relate at all with what we were talking about, but I knew I needed to share it because it was a prompting of the spirit. After the lesson, our member looked at me with tears in her eyes and said "I have been having the hardest day. I was reading a conference talk, and it brought me to a scripture that helped me. I read the scripture directly before I left my house to come to this lesson, and it was Alma 26:27. I know God knows me." Wow. I am unsure if the scripture touched Sue-Z's heart, but I truly was able to see God's awareness of His children. Another miracle that happened was a man named Tiger (lol welcome to North Omaha). Last week we knocked on a door, and some low voice yelled out the window saying "COME BACK LATER, I'M IN THE SHOWER", so we took that as an OK to come back, haha. So, this week we were tracting, and a random thought came to my mind that said "you haven't tried the shower guy". So I told Sister Hall about my thought (not my thought, it was the spirit), and she said "I was thinking about him today too!!" So, we took it as a sign and decided to go and try him. As we get there, a car is pulling out of the driveway, so we were bummed. But, we decided to try the house anyways! So, we get out of the car, and start walking towards the house, but then the car comes back!! He immediately parks the car (in the middle of the street) to talk to us. Then, he let us share our message with him. After the restoration, he informed us that he has been looking for a new life and the thinks this is an answer to his prayer. One last miracle was a man named Nathan. We wrote down a specific street that we wanted to tract, but........... I lost my planner (aka my life)... It was gone forever. I had to take a guess of what street we wrote down. As we parked, we prayed for guidance and got out of the car. We immediately felt like we needed to knock on one particular door. A man named Nathan answered the door, and he was kind of hesitant at first, but as soon as we told him we were representatives of Jesus Christ, and that we have a message that God needs him to hear, he invited us to sit down with him on his porch. We shared the message of the restoration, and it was powerful. He listened so intently. Next thing we know, it's an hour later and he is reading through The Book of Mormon with us. We were able to find specific scriptures that answered the questions of his soul. He told us that it wasn't a coincidence that we knocked on his door, because he felt lost, so he pulled out his Bible for the first time in a long time 2 hours prior of our visit. As we were ending, we testified to him that we knew we needed to be there, and that God led us to him. As we testified his focus kind of left us for a moment, and came back in shock. He said "Wow, I just saw a shooting star. I have never seen one before. This is crazy. It must be a sign. Do you have a phone number? I want you to come back." We are going back on Tuesday. God knows us so individually. During the drive home, I remembered the street that we had originally planned to tract (it wasn't the one where we went). It totally made sense why I had to lose my planner; We wouldn't have met Nathan! -Side note: This happened on Saturday, and I thought my planner was gone forever... But, this morning, our doorbell rang and so we went outside. No one was there, but there was my planner!!! So crazy!!! Again, God is so mindful of us!

Last night, as we added up our numbers for the week, we almost hit all of our goals. We ended up receiving 27 referrals, and contacting 21 of them. As we were counting all of our appointments for this upcoming week, we found that we have 14 (!!!!) return appointments. Only 3 of them are for less actives, and the rest of them are with potential investigators. Yes, the week started off being a bummer. But, as we trusted in the Lord, and had patience, hope and faith, He blessed us immensely.

I love this work, and I am the happiest I have ever been.

" Now when our hearts were depressed, and we were about to turn back, behold, the Lord comforted us, and said: Go amongst thy brethren, the Lamanites, and bear with patience thine afflictions, and I will give unto you success." Alma 26:27

Sister Missy Hutchison

Happy 15 months!!

We found a lost dog this week! We totally saved its life. We let it chill with us during our lunch break, and then the humane society came and picked it up. I would have never lived with myself if I would have left it go wondering. LOOK HOW CUTE IT IS.

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