Monday, January 2, 2017

Happy New Year!

January 2, 2017

Hello Fam and Friends!!

It was a great week :) Happy 2017! I can't believe it is already a new year. 2016 was the fastest/hardest/best/most rewarding year of my life. I love my mission so very much.

Something new and excited that happened is I am now in a trio!! Sister Firth's companion had to go home for some bad health issues, so Sister Firth is with me and Sister Hall until transfers!! It is fun being with two of my past companions again :) I think we have too much fun.. Just kidding. :) It is hilarious when we are tracting, and then someone opens the door and realizes that there is a party of missionaries on their porch.

I had a great New Year!! We spent the evening at the Trail Center, playing games with all of the Senior couples. It was so fun! The Senior couples are such a hoot and very competitive. They make my mission so special. We set our alarm that night for midnight! Apparently I woke up and said "Happy New Year" very mumbley, but I have absolutely no recollection of that.. All I can remember is that it was a great night sleep, and then when I woke up at 6:30am, it was 2017! New Years was a success!

We are teaching quite a few people right now.. It is funny because they all have names that sound like a food. First, we taught "Kale". Now, we are teaching "Dill", his son "Danish", his friend "Bean", and their neighbor named "La'Soup'a". I had to turn my back when she told us her name because I was dying of laughter. Sometimes I feel immature, but then I remember I am still 20, so it is okay. Haha.

We had Missionary Leadership Council this week! It was a lot of fun. I love being able to learn from all of the other leaders in the mission. President Gardner gave an amazing training on how the Savior knows each and every single one of us, one by one. I was touched. It is so true. The Savior knows every single one of us personally. He suffered for our sins, of course, but it was so much more than that. When he suffered, it was also for our pains and our sicknesses; it was for every time we are heartbroken or frustrated. He felt it all. He did this because he has a perfect love for us. He did this because he NEVER wants us to feel alone, and we never are alone now, because of Him. I am so grateful for my Savior, and for all He has done for me. Through Him is true happiness.

I had an awesome miracle at the Trail Center this week! I took a cute non-member couple on tour. The man was from Germany, but he left everything behind to move to the US for her. They were so in love and getting married in the summer! They loved the idea of the temple, and understood the restoration. It just made sense to them! They kept holding hands and looking at each other saying, "families really are meant to be forever". At the end of the tour, I invited them to meet with missionaries, but they said they were in the process of traveling, and it would be hard. So, we exchanged information instead so I can keep in touch with them. They graciously accepted a copy of The Book of Mormon. The man had the paper I gave him with my information in his hands, and said "Wherever I stick this piece of paper is where I will start reading". In my head, I was thinking "Oh no.. Not a war chapter or Isaiah!!!" When he stuck the paper in, I asked if I could see where he stuck it. He showed me, and it was Alma 26. The amazing thing was, Alma 26 was the exact chapter that I was studying very intently about 10 minutes before they walked in the door. It is an amazing chapter that will touch anyone's heart. It was such a cool miracle, and I know it was inspired of God. His hand was truly in this miracle 100%. I will never forget it.

I am excited for what 2017 has in store. I know if I continue following the Lord's will for me, it will be another amazing year. Thanks for all of the support I receive from every single one of you. I love you!!

Sister Missy Hutchison

Pic after MLC

The Laings go home tomorrow :( I have loved serving with them!! 

The Happy Trio wishing you a Happy New Year

In our house, there is a room with carpet walls. No better way to celebrate than the 80's carpet room!

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