Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Bi-Polar Nebraska!

January 31, 2017

Hello Family and Friends!!

This week has definitely been a crazy week. But, I am so very grateful for my mission, and all I am able to learn from it.

I said Nebraska was Bi-Polar because we had a hard-core snowstorm this week! But.... Today got up to like 55 degrees. So.. The snow is gone!

I, of course, was very heartbroken to receive a phone call from my mission president on Tuesday regarding the passing away of my Aunt Sandi. It was a hard couple of days to be away from home, but the Savior never fails to heal and comfort us. I am so very grateful to be on a mission, where I can share with others my knowledge of God's perfect Plan of Happiness. We are so blessed to know that there is so much more after this life, and to know we have a loving Heavenly Father.

On another note, I would love to share a cool miracle that I witnessed this week!! On Tuesday, we were on exchanges with the Eagle Run Sisters! I was with Sister Preator. We felt like we needed to go and try a particular former investigator. So, we knocked on her door but no one answered! We instantly knew that the spirit must have led us to that specific area for a reason. So, we decided to knock on the surrounding doors. The very first door we knocked on was a woman named Vey. She is a cute, young woman and she let us right in!!! As we talked to her, we began to ask inspired questions. We asked her about her relationship with the Savior, and she instantly started to cry. She told us how she has had a couple of miscarriages, but that the Lord has blessed her with a healthy pregnancy so far, and how He has blessed her with a great husband. We taught her the restoration, and she was very tuned in the whole time. When we invited her to be baptized, she said "This is so weird, because I have been wanting to get re-baptized." At the end, we asked her about how she was feeling. She started to cry again and said "I feel so at peace. I know it was not a coincidence that you came here. I thought it was interesting how you asked me about Jesus Christ, because he's sitting right on this couch. I see Him when I look at you." I have never had anyone vocally recognize me as a representative of Jesus Christ anymore. It was such a cool feeling.

Another miracle happened this week! As Sister Hall and I have been praying lately, we been very specific in our prayers. We asked Heavenly Father what kind of family is waiting for us to teach them. We both got the impression that there is a family of 5 in our area that is in need of the gospel! Every prayer we have prayed has been dedicated to asking God to find a family of 5, and we ask everyone we talk to if they know of any families of 5 in the area. We received a media referral a few weeks ago for a man named Phillemon. As we knocked on his door a couple of weeks ago, he answered and said that He didn't even order a Bible, but that he would be willing to meet with us! We went back to our appointment with him last week and he remembered (!!) and let us right in! As we sat down, we spoke with him and his wife, then 1..2..3 (!!) kids ran in! It was a family of 5!! They had a lot of great questions, and are wanting to meet with us more. They are from Ethiopia, so there is a mini language barrier. But, they told us that they have a mormon friend that is flying in from Ethiopia this week!! We know that is not a coincidence :) God's hand is in all things!

There was a big floral festival downtown this week, and there was a display dedicated to Winter Quarters! So, they asked some of the sisters if we could be there to answer questions. It was so cool! It was in some huge catholic cathedral, and we talked to a lot of people. :) Many people went to the Trail Center because of it!

I love my mission so much. I am pretty sure I talk about the happiness I receive because of my mission every week, but I wouldn't say it if it wasn't true. I love serving the Lord and being so close to my Savior. Thanks for all of the support I receive.


Sister Missy Hutchison

Sister Preator and I after exchanges :) 

Winter Quarters floral display

My mossy boyfriend. 

Felt super hipster. You can catch me in Vogue 

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