Monday, November 23, 2015

Get That Corn Outta My Face!!!

November 23, 2015

Hello Family and Friends!!

Another great week in the wonderful Ol' NE!! Before I forget... Here are some things I forgot to mention last week in my email : I got to go to a sealing in the temple!!!! It was a senior couple in our mission, and it was so sweet. I cried... I also saw a shooting star!! It reminded me of Lake Powell, so it made me smile. :)

So, I am getting used to the area now. At first it was a little cray cray, but now its great. I have met almost everyone in the ward, and I love them. They are all so sweet to the missionaries.

Nebraska has black squirrels. Literally black. It scared me, but they are every where!!!! Also, everyone in Nebraska has dogs... It makes me miss Charlie!!! But I am not kidding. If I went to 10 houses, probably 9 of them would have a dog start barking as soon as I knock. Except, one lady had two big cats... We went into her house and I just saw cat hair every where. My nose got all stuffy and I got a headache. So this week I discovered I have a minor cat allergy. My 7 year old dreams are now shattered. (Family joke)

It is super cold here, and since everyone here is used to the cold ALL OF THEIR HOUSES ARE COLD. My toes are going to be frozen off by the time I get home!! I seriously have gained so much respect for the Pioneers. I can't imagine pulling a handcart in 18 degree weather. (That was the temperature on Saturday, but it's warm today so I really shouldn't be complaining.)

I didn't talk about the Trail Center much last week, so I'll expand on it today!! I LOVE IT SO MUCH THERE. It makes me so happy being there, and I'm learning all of the history really fast. I actually gave a non-member family a tour all by myself last week, and I was able to teach the restoration along the way. The spirit was so strong when I recited the first vision, and you could tell that family felt something that day. I am at the Trail Center twice a week, but I wish I was there more!! There is constantly a sweet spirit there.

On Thanksgiving we are having dinner at a members house, AND at the Trail Center. So two Thanksgiving dinners!! So excited. I don't know what I'll do without my mom's Yams though...

I have officially been out a month!! Missionary work is hard, but rewarding. I received 2 packages last week. From Ashley and Ross, and from Aunt Deb. Thank you so much. I really appreciate it.

I love you all so much, and you are all in my prayers!!! Have a happy Thanksgiving. I'm thankful for all of you.

Sister Hutchison

pic 1: a diagram of the Salt Lake Temple in the TC! My home!!!

pic 2: A member, Brother Washington, made us such good bean soup and sunny D!

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