Wednesday, November 18, 2015

There Isn't NE Place Better

November 16, 2015

Well Team, I made it to Nebraska!! WOOT WOOT!!!!

Let me explain my first impressions... Well, I looked out the plane window and what did I see? Cornfields. Regardless, I was excited! My Mission President and his wife picked us up, and I love them so much!! But the amazing part was when I was in the car. Nebraska isn't what I thought. It is soooo green, with hills, beautiful scenery, trees with falling leaves, and random squirrels and bunnies running around. I'm not kidding, it's a fairytale here! It is not at all what I expected. It exceeded all expectations :) It also has the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen. (Ps. The first night I was here it rained, snowed, and there was a tornado) As I was enjoying the scenery, I felt so at peace. I also heard a still small voice that told me I was exactly where I needed to be. I know God needs me here.

The first couple of days were just training at the mission office, which was fine. We spent the first two nights at a hotel, and the beds were pretty great. On Thursday night we had dinner at President Gardner's house. It is such a good feeling eating home cooked meals. Sorry MTC, but your food is the worst.. Anyways, after dinner we had a testimony meeting and then we received our areas and companions. My companion's name is Sister Brower, and she is amazing. She is one of the most Christ-like people I know and always goes out of her way to make me feel good. I love her, and am so blessed to have a trainer like her. Our apartment is cute too! It's little, but hey, I get my own bathroom!

I am in Rockbrook, Nebraska. It is a cute town, and I love it. Everyone is so nice. When we go tracting, everyone rejects us so nicely!! It's great!! But the members here are amazing. We just had Stake Conference yesterday so I was able to meet tons of people. I met a woman whose son is serving in Murray for his mission.. So if you meet an Elder Gill, feed him!! The members feed us like there is no tomorrow. We were fed spaghetti for lunch, and THAI FOOD for dinner. Awe man, it was a dream come true.

It gets cold here. But, it's a humid coldness. Trust me when I say the humid cold is the worst, because it is. In Utah you get the dry kind of cold where it just burns your skin. Here, the cold goes right through you and burns your soul. A member told me it is supposed to get to 18 degrees on Saturday. Youch. The humidity is doing wonders for my complexion though, so can't complain!

On my first night with my companion, we met Julie. She is less-active, but kind of crazy. She has been living in a sketchy hotel for months. We went over to her house with our Ward Mission Leader(Brother Conda). We knocked on her door and then she opens it just a crack, and all of the lights are off. Bro Conda started being so nice and talking to her, then all of the sudden her eyes rolled to the back of her head, her door shuts, and you hear a thud. She passed out!! We got the hotel manager and called the ambulance because when we went back in her room she was really shaky and taking all these pills with a gash on her head (from the fall). It was insane! What a good first night, right??

Last night was great though. We taught an amazing lesson to a girl named Natalia, who is less-active. We taught her about the Sabbath Day, and the lesson was guided by the spirit the whole time. The spirit was so strong, and everyone felt it. My companion and I teach really well together.

I love this great work, and love being a missionary. Nebraska sure feels like home, and I love it so much.

Sister Hutchison

ps. The picture of me in front of the blue door is me in front of my apartment. Its so cute!
pss. the first time I drove past a corn field was yesterday. I feel fulfilled now.

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