Monday, November 30, 2015

"Today Has Been a Good Morning"

November 30, 2015

Hello Family and Friends!!

I know my subject doesn't make sense, so I will explain..... Well, Sister Brower and I have problems with our neighbors that live above us. They are constantly partying and smoking weed/doing other drugs, and so we get to hear it all and smell it all. Don't worry, President Gardner is trying to move us out of there as soon as he can. But we were up most of the night because they were so loud. This morning at 6 we heard continuous honking right outside our apartment. This lasted until 6:45....... I'm not kidding, someone just kept honking over and over again. We could see the person out of our window and it was some crazy lady that was laughing hysterically. She was probably on drugs.. Anyways, the  lady gave us THE CREEPIEST feeling, so we called the police because the honking wasn't stopping and we definitely didn't feel comfortable going outside to tell her to stop. Long story short, I was so loopy this morning because I was so tired and I said "Well, today has been a good morning." And my companion laughed so hard at me. So that is the story behind the subject line. :)

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!! I sure did! I had Thanksgiving lunch at a member's house. His name is Brother Washington, and he always is looking out for the missionaries! Then, we had Thanksgiving dinner at the Trail Center with all of the Sisters. It was so fun!! We got to watch The Best Two Years, and it is so much funnier watching it as a missionary! Oh, and there was an ice storm. So that was crazy!!

On Friday we were able to go to the Temple to do a session! IT WAS SO BEAUTIFUL. I loved every second of it.

Saturday we had our first baptism as a companionship!! We have been teaching a 9 year old girl named Eileen. Her family was less-active, but since we started teaching her they all started going to church and now her mom has a calling! The baptism was so special, and the spirit was so strong. Sister Brower and I taught the Restoration while Eileen and two other 8 year old boys who got baptized were changing.

We have been teaching 9 year old boy named Luca. He is getting baptized this Saturday!!! His birth mom was LDS, but she is super nuts and lost custody of him. So, he lives with his dad and his dad's wife. He remembered Primary though, and wanted to be baptized. His step mom, Courtney, listens in and loves all of our lessons, so we are hoping she will have to desire to be baptized soon as well. :) She is so sweet. I can already see her being a primary president one day!!

Just to make things easier, if you want to send me a letter, please send it to the Trail Center!! I don't know the address... But, I'm sure you can find it if you look up "Mormon Trail Center" on the internet. I am telling you this because I never know where or when I will be moved, but I do know I will always be at the Trail Center during the week. So that would be easiest!! Send packages to either the Trail Center or the mission office. Don't send anything to my apartment, it is sketchy!

I love you all so much, and I love my mission. Every day I am so reassured that I am doing what the Lord wants me to. I love this gospel with all of my heart. If you have 3 minutes, go onto the church website and watch the new church Christmas video called "A Savior is Born"! We show it at the TC and it gives me chills every time :)

Sister Hutchison

ps. There are going to be lots of pictures this week. Be prepared. I can only send 2 at a time. The first 2 are of Thanksgiving.

These are of our temple day :)

here is a picture of the baptisms that were this Saturday! We have been working with the two boys' family, the Keers. They are so amazing!!! The girl is Eileen, and we love her as well and have been teaching her the past 3 weeks.

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